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  1. Hey there. i am trying to melt a spinning coin where the fluids transform into a logo when melted....i followed this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3W-S0EW9xw and it works fine but when i feed the points from the coin into the flipfluidobject there is no more spinning. it´s just instantly melting and falling to the ground. the idea is that the coin spins for ca 100 frames, melts and transforms into the logo on the ground....all the tutorials for melting are for static objects but how about melting a moving (spinning in this case) object? i tried to find a way with some kind of timeshift/point deform solution but it´s not really working. would be really nice if some one could help!
  2. Hey there. little emergency here going on: can some one tell me how to render in arnold without a background. don´t have a HDRI/background object but it´s still black. tried everything i could think of and tried using a aov with a alpha map but with no success. thank you!
  3. Melting object with random gravity/viscosity

    hey. thanks again for the scene file and the help...so far it´s working fine but i am still having some problems..i have to use a relativ high particle seperation (0.0015) to preserve the shape of the typo i use. problem is when the spheres start scalling and in the process the particles are kind of flying all over the place. tried different things (slower/smaller scale) but it´s still not looking right. is there a way to connect more of the particles..because they are all like single droplets at the moment.
  4. Melting object with random gravity/viscosity

    thank you so much!!! i will have a go with it
  5. Melting object with random gravity/viscosity

    Hello there. I need to melt a typo object from bottom to top with a fluid sim. Problem is i don´t have a groundobject/plane so when i start the sim the particles instantly fall down. i had the idea to use a point group which goes from bottom to top to give the particles a random gravity/viscosity so they don´t melt uniformly. tried to set this up in the dop network using a solver and some attribute wrangels but i don´t get it to work... would be fantastic if some one could help me with this! greetings and take care.
  6. Hello there. i am really having trouble with this sim i am working on to the point where i don´t how to continue: actually super basic setup where i want to emit fluid with a vellum fluid sop into a sphere which tears after some time.problem is ,allthough i set the emission to 100frames, after like 20 frames one sphere (picture) gets stuck into the sphere and the emission stops- the lower the particles size is the earlier the sim stops to the point where it does not even start. when i have a big radius like 0,1 everything is fine but it´s impossible to get a detailed fluid sim like that... tried everything i could think of (substepts, constraint iterations, collision) but i am not able to get it right...please can some one take a look because i am really losing it here... watersim.hiplc
  7. Hello again. First of all i really don´t want to spam anything but i am really trying to build some "advanced" vellum setups without having some one to ask. Watched like almost all tutorials/forum posts but don´t really find stuff which solves my problems. So hopefully for the last time: I animate the pressure constraints of one vellum object in DOPS via the vellumconstraintsproperty node which works fine. Now i want to bring in a second vellum object and animate it´s constrains too. But i don´t know which input to use in the vellumconstraintsproperty node and how to set it up correctly... Another thing which i don´t understand is why the popforce is not working anymore when i put in a vellum source object to the normal vellum object. the plan was to emit multiply objects over time with the popforce and the vellum object but somehow it does not work well together... Would be so nice if some one could have a look at this stuff..thanks:S inflate59.hiplc
  8. hello friends! I am trying to set up a vellum sim with some rubber bands shrinking and squeezing a ballon object. Everything is set up and works okay but after the rubber bands shrinked and squeezed in the object they go back to their original state. i want them to stay permanently in the shrinked form so the mesh keeps squeezed in... i guess you have to use a Vellum Constraint Properties node in the vellum solver but i could not get it to work.. or is it better to set it up in a dop network.... Inflate.hiplc
  9. Use Marvelous Designer Cloth Sim with Vellum in Houdini

    ah okay that makes sense...thanks for your answer and i will try this
  10. Vellum sofbody rnd sim

    Vellum soft body sim in houdini- Feel free to give some feedback and take care! emit_1.mp4
  11. Helle there. I have a Sim from marvelous designer (Body and Cloth) and want to play around with vellum a bit. After importing/unpacking the alembic i separat it in two groups (cloth/body) and attach a vellum cloth node. The moment i attach it houdini always crashes so i guess it´s not the correct workflow... do i have to bring in body and cloth on my own and do the simulation/rigging in houdini? take care
  12. Squeezing Strings in Vellum

    Really no vellum experts here?
  13. Squeezing Strings in Vellum

    Hello fellow houdini friends! I am working on a effect like in this video : I set up my collider geo in vellum and my rubber bands (they are not as nice as in the video though) in a dop network. Problem is now when i emmit the the bands they don´t squeeze in like this and stay tight. also my collider object is not squeezed in and the kinda just bounce of...i tried different things with the vellum constraint attribute in the dop net but could not get it done. Has some one an idea how this could work. Furthermore i have a high res version of the collider body but i am not sure how to use it in the dop network because there is nothing like a point deform there right? Last one would be the question how to easily model a simple string like this...I know lot of questions but i am pretty much a newbie and try to figure stuff out. Cleaned the hip file so you can take a look in there- Thanks and take care! Crab.hiplc