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  1. PDG index sorting

    Hello; I'm just getting into PDG and have an interesting problem I'm trying to solve. I have a list of files that I'm trying to sort using PDG. The files are labelled x0y0,x0y1,x0y2.....x7y7. When I load them with the "filepattern" TOP, it sorts them as x0y0, x0y1, x0y2, x0y3 etc. Instead, I would like to re-sort them as x0y0,x1y0,x2y0,x3y0,x4y0 ..... x0y1,x1y1,x2y1,x3y1,x4y1 etc. What would be the best approach for this? Any python algorithm that may be suitable for this that can be executed in TOPS? Maybe a feedback loop?
  2. Importing FBX with Python H18.5

    For some reason, I simply can't get the hou.hipFile.importFBX function to work. It always sends me an error message that says 'Attempted operation failed. Cannot read file_name. I've been just experimenting with this snippet of code, trying to get it to work: fbx = hou.hipFile.importFBX('C:/string/path/to/file.fbx') # Set FBX scale fbx[0].parm('scale').set(0.01) # Get and print FBX nodes listNodesFBX = fbx[0].children() for node in listNodesFBX: print node Did something change with the function in 18.5 or am I doing something wrong? For context, I'm just getting into coding and building my own tools in Houdini. I want to perform the same operation as File > Import FBX camera but with Python.
  3. Euler's Spiral in VOPs

    Update: I've gotten as far as finding the integral of the curve on the x, z plane by using an 'area' SHOP to calculate it. Not sure what the next approach is. Here are examples of the curves that contribute to the Euler Spiral: http://www.efunda.com/math/miscellaneousfun/SiCiPlot.cfm I've gotten similar shapes but not quite the same...
  4. Euler's Spiral in VOPs

    One of the main problems I'm having is properly applying the fresnel integral in VOPs. What method should I use to solve this numerically? Anybody got any ideas?
  5. Euler's Spiral in VOPs

    Does anyone know how to construct a proper Euler's Spiral from a line using VOPs? I've been trying but without much luck. A .hip file would be wonderful if possible!
  6. Random vs. Non-deterministic Random

    Thanks for the explanation!
  7. I'm not sure I understand what the difference between the Random vs. Non-deterministic Random VEX nodes and how I would apply these differences. Could someone expound on this topic? A simple example file would be kindly appreciated if possible! Thanks.
  8. I have a sphere (Polygon Mesh) with random color on each primitive. Some primitives receive the same color and I would like to select primitives that are perpendicular to each other if they have the same color. I tried separating all primitives with the same color, then using a primneighbours() function in a for loop to select primitives that have 2 or more points shared with another primitive? That doesn't work. Can anyone provide an example of how to use the primneighbours() function to select perpendicular primitives with shared edges? (Or provide an alternative method?)
  9. wire deform issue!!

    No Ideas? Anyone?
  10. wire deform issue!!

    Hello All; I'm having a problem with how the wiredeform node handles extreme deformations. I have a curve that starts straight and curls into a spiral. I use this curve to deform a geometry that looks like a vine. When the geometry starts to curl at an extreme angle to conform to the curve, the geometry pinches because it does not properly follow the orientation that the deformed curve is going with. I've tried many ways to solve this issue and it seems the trick lies some where in the "Transform Local Frame" option in the wireDeform Node. But that option does absolutely nothing for me. Can anyone please share any ideas?
  11. Replace A bone in Houdini

    A new issue came up. Now everytime i pose my character, save the file, and re-open it, the rig is back to the default location and is separate from the bones.
  12. Replace A bone in Houdini

    Oh wow, it did work. Thanks alot man! I was skeptical about trying that since that's a detail attribute that currently shows up empty in the attribute spreadsheet.
  13. Replace A bone in Houdini

    I've been searching for this all over, and some solutions come pretty close to what i'm looking to do, but not quite. It's simple actually. What I want to do is to replace an old bone with a new one while keeping my painted weights. I've looked into the attribstringedit node but have NO idea how to access the "pCapt regn" attributes that contain the path to each bones: chain_bone2/cregion 0 If i would like to replace "chain_bone2/cregion 0" with "chain_bone12/cregion 0" in all the pCapt regn[1], pCapt regn[2] etc, attributes, how do I do it? I'm out of ideas for accessing these attributes... ps. The node says that it contains pCapt[12] point attributes, but I just can't access the pCapt regn[1,2,3,4...] of this attribute.
  14. re referencing characters once weighted

    How do you access these attributes in the attribstringedit node? I can't seem to get it.
  15. Copy SOP problem

    I've solved the problem