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  1. Houdini 18 - Instancing debris on particles (Fracture simulation)

    Hey tamagochy I have a doubt that you shared the fixed file it helped very much but on that, we are instancing only one piece of fracture on all the particles. If we want to instance all the fractured pieces randomly on the particles, then how to do that. Your guidance will help. Thanks!
  2. Shading with noise & ramp

    Hey there!! Can anyone tell me that when we apply noise(anti-aliased) to the geometry material, then what is the role of black and white over there ? I think white area is that where we apply our noise and black area where nothing is happening with the noise. Am i correct ? For example: Let's say we created a metallic box and after creating noise & connecting that to the metallic section of "principal shader", then white area of noise will be metallic or black area ? Thanks...
  3. opinputpath

    Thank You so much Fenolis! Now i have completely understood the concept of (opinputpath). You made it so simple for me to understand.
  4. opinputpath

    What i understand is, let's for an example, We packed the geometry and after that we set dopimport to take out the dop network into SOP. Now in DOP network in rbdpacked object we set the path like this `opinputpath("/obj/name of geometry node/dopimport/",0)`, so here what it means ? What i understood is it takes the packed geometry from SOP and what all things we done in DOP network it gives back to SOP through dopimport node. Is it right ?
  5. opinputpath

    Hey there! Can anyone tell me the process & the use of 'opinputpath'. We can simply select the SOP path, then why do we need 'opinputpath' ? In Houdini documentation, it is written that it returns the full path, but i am not understanding what path it will return ? Your guidance will be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. name & class attribute

    Thanks Atom & Kvale for simplifying me this concept. I appreciate your answers. Thanks!!
  7. name & class attribute

    Hey there!! Please can anyone tell me the basic difference between the name & class attribute. In what situation both will be used? Thanks in advance...
  8. Please someone help me with this: I made a Group in POP solver for collision of particles named 'hit'. Now in the wrangle node, I made a chramp for the velocity based on my own custom attribute which is '@customage' from 0-1. Now I want to ask that for POP attract, if I want to make the velocity affect all the particles except my 'hit' group particles, then how can I do that. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks! Particle attracting effect.hip