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  1. Thanks, worked out very well!
  2. Hey I have an kinda easy problem, but couldn´t find a quick solution to it. I have scattered lots of spheres to a surface but had to delete some points, now I´m left with some spheres which have holes. How can i delete those? Polydoctor wasn´t the one for me, I want to get rid of them completly.
  3. Hey guys, I´ve been trying to recreate this beautiful wire scene from MVSM, they´ve done for Logitech, however with lots of less ropes/wires. My setup is quite simple since it´s only the ropes I´m simulating, by scattering lines on some points then deforming them with a mountain node and putting them into a vellum hair setup. However the more lines i put in to feed the simulation the more intersections and ropes clipping through each other i start getting although the substeps are already at 20, in the mvsm clip there seems to be no clipping at all. Does anybody have an idea how the basic setup for the mvsm clip could´ve been made or has some advanced tips for simulating lots of ropes which are colliding?
  4. Ahh very nice explanation! That really gave an answer to some questionmarks i´ve still had. Thanks a lot for the further explanation, I´m slowly getting the hang of Geospreadsheets and the technicalities behind Vellum.
  5. Man I knew that the solution was that simple, still I couldnt figure it out. I see so if i want to tarnsfer Data to the ConstraintsGeometry I´ll have to use Points instead of primitives, still i don´t get why primitives won´t work but points do. Doesn´t the ConstraintGeometry have the same amount of primitives as well? So the Constraint amount always equals the amount of Points of the original Geometry? And thanks for your help Ziyad!
  6. Hey I have a simple problem! I have a Vellum DOP Network with a SOP Solver in it. In the SOP Solver I´ve just transferred the Cd from my original Geometry to my ConstraintGeometry to control some parameters like the restlgenth via the color of the Geometry. -> It´s working fine for the first frame each ball having it´s individual color. However as soon as I start simulating, the colors don´t stay attached to the individual balls. So each ball doesnt have a unique Constraint Color, like in the first frame, the color start shifting. Can someone please help me with this problem, the attributetransfer node seems to just transfer the Cd correctly in the first frame but not in the following frames. I´ve attached the HIP. Thanks in advance! SOP_CONSTRAINT_COLORS.hipnc
  7. Hey, I have this big pillow with small balls scattered and glued onto to the big pillow, now i want to inflate and deflate the pillows and drive it via a attribute noise. This works wonderfully in the dopnet when I use the Vellumconstraintproperties with just the balls as source, however if i bring the other vellum source in the dopnetwork (big pillow) and merge them, it seems the parameters get overwritten by the second vellumsource and so my inflation/deflation doesnt work anymore and many weird things start happening. I feel like im nearly finished with my setup but just get one little thing not right which lost me already several hours, does someobody has a solution to this? I´ve attached a file, sorry for the mess but problem is hopefully just solveable in the dopnetwork. ODFORCE_2XCONSTRAINTPROPERTIES.hipnc
  8. OOff, thanks a lot it worked!! You just turned my 2 nights of houdini frustration into motivation, haha!
  9. C___proejct_FRIDGE_02_HIP_BALLOON.hipnc - Houdini FX Education Edition 19.0.383 - Python 3 2022-04-08 17-10-36.mp4
  10. Hey Odforce, I´m a complete noob and I was just dialing some parameters with the standard billowy Smoke Setup. But the problem i encouter is, when i decrease the uniform scale of the base sphere(smoke source) from 0.1 to 0.01 and then of course increase the voxel size and particle seperation to counter act it, the simulation becomes really slow an looks less detailed than the standard billowy smoke setup. I´ve played for hours now to dial the right parameters but the end result is always that it looks worse and the simulation is much slower. My assumption is that the scene isn´t set up for such a small smoke source and i somehow have to shirnk down the overall voxel grid maybe? Help would be really appreciated