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  1. It seems that Weld feature of Vellum Drape takes the ordering into account. I already have two groups that I want to weld together, but their orders are messed up. I can't use Sort SOP because it'll change their point numbers. I want to reorder them in existing ordered group, without changing the point numbers.
  2. Thank you very much. I thought explodeview checked the connectivity, but it actually, as you said, checks name attribute.
  3. When I try to apply Look At constraint on a joint that is mirrored by Skeleton Mirror SOP (Mirroring Style: "By Scale"), it's completely broken: The same Look At works when Mirroring Style is "By Rotation": But I've already had way too many non-procedural keyframes and I really can't change Mirroring Style at this point. Is it possible to make Look At work for joints that are mirrored by scale?
  4. The double points are removed by Clean SOP already and there is no double point anymore. That's exactly why I asked this question.
  5. This cube has only 14 points. The top half and the bottom half share the same middle points. However, Connectivity SOP still considers it has two pieces in primitive mode. 1. Why? What decides whether two primitives are connected or not? Intuitively, if two prims share any point, they are connected... but Houdini doesn't think so. 2. How to make it a connected piece? Please take a look at the attachment. connectivity.hiplc
  6. For example, say I have 10 objects (named object1-10), an Object Merge and a Null with a toggle parm. I'd like to make Object Merge merge only object1, 3, 5, 7, 9 when the toggle is on, and merge only object2, 4, 6, 8, 10 when the toggle is off. I could set all the enable# parm with expressions one by one. But there should be a better way to do this, right? What if I have N objects instead of 10?
  7. Oh, I finally got it... the UV is consistent even the topology isn't. So there is no problem texturing it.
  8. Thank for your reply. But it doesn't answer my question. I really don't get what the point is to use decals this way. The whole point of decal (at least in gamedev, just as the official document says) is to snap pre-textured square to another surface. In your example: Every decal has a different topology. It doesn't respect the grid (third input) at all. Actually, removing the third input doesn't change the output! The grid is 100% NOT used. My question was about how to decal a textured square. Exactly like the official document's demo where they move a Houdini logo on a cube. Sorry if I didn't make it clear in the original post.
  9. The official document has this little demo: This is exactly what I want. A textured square snapped to a non-flat surface. But I'm having a hard time replicating it. The current Labs Decal Project has 3 inputs, not 1. If I connect a non-flat surface to the first input, it creates irregular topology like this: The topology isn't even static when I move the projector. How am I going to unwrap and texture it? I tried to put a textured square to the third input, and that didn't work either. It just copies the square without complying with the surface's shape, as Copy to Points SOP does. How to make a textured square snap to another mesh, just like the document shows?
  10. Thank you very much! I always forgot the existence of groupexpand.
  11. For example, how can I procedurally group the third division like this: ? I can get extrudeFront and extrudeSide. But how could I get just only one specific division? I know it probably needs some Vex involved, but my Vex knowledge isn't enough for me to figure it out myself.
  12. I'm trying to make a parameter action button that pops up Rig Tree Pane and allows user to select joints from it. Just like the Group Joints SOP: I tried to copy this parameter from Group Joint SOP. But it doesn't work. The Rig Tree Pane pops up, but when I click any joint on it, it just closes itself without updating the parameter's value. My HDA is attached. What did I do wrong? rainc_subnet1.hdalc
  13. I want to define my boneCapture with some meatballs. Capture Metaball SOP seems to do this, but it's deprecated. What's the modern version of it?
  14. With Sweep SOP, I swept this profile: Over this curve: And got this: Now how could I get rid of this self-intersection? I know I can manually remove some points from the original curve, but is there a more procedural way? Like to detect the "concave" part of the curve and adjust their orientation?
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