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  1. White spots on ocean render manta

    A good thing I like to do when I see noise like that is render a frame with all the different passes (reflection, diffuse, subsurf, etc.) Its most likely reflection but its a good way to be absolutely positive. Once you figure that out you can find what you need to increase (pixel samples, limits, etc.) and that should remove most noise!
  2. Smoke simulation driven by particles

    Hey! A couple of big things to note. 1 and simplest, are you rasterizing the v from the particles as vel. 2 Your particle sourcing looks really big, normally when you use particles for an explosion, its only for a few frames and its used to "launch" the pyro sim for the first few frames and let the pyro solver handle the rest. If that isnt what you mean, then you can also try adding pumps to your sim. Basically that's adding and continuous flow of velocity on top of what you have that helps drives the tendrils of the explosion further.