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  1. So I figured it out, the nearpoint function i was using needed some tweaking, thanks to everyone who looked at my file.
  2. @Atom how strange. I did try that but nothing changed within those first few frames, i may just need to recreate the project in a different file
  3. @Librarian my bad this is my first time posting a houdini file, i believe everything should be in there now except for all the file caches. But all the custom meshes should be locked in thanks again for taking a look
  4. I created an infection solver to imitate the infection of fire spreading that is functional with a popnet as the source of the infection. I did it this way because the pyro spread node does not support pops as a source which is a different problem entirely. Everything works as it should however the infection solver only takes into effect after frame 9 which is strange because the pops should clearly be infecting from the very beginning. For some reason the solver doesn't take into account the beginning frames. Ive used this solver in other projects and has worked fine which leads me to believe it is a bug but if anyone could look over my project file and let me know if they see anything I don't? Thanks so much the file is setup so that you should press play and the problem be evident, the pops are red, wherever the infection is, is white and everything else i.e. the desk and papers should be black. After frame 9-10 the infection will begin although it should begin where ever the pops collide. InfectionSolver.hiplc with geos InfectionSolver.hiplc
  5. When I plug in a pop sim into a sop solver and dive into the solver only the initial particles on frame one are simmed and then nothing else how could I fix this?
  6. @Librarian does this address the issue of sourcing the "hot" group from a pop sim? i tried to make the changes as shown here but again the pyrospread only initialises the pops on frame 1 then stops.
  7. yes actually funny enough i was able to get the pyrospread solver to function with a pop sim only once and it was as setup exactly how you'd expect, I even have a shot rendered out of it but after i tried to redo the effect for another shot despite using the same setup i was never able to get it to work again which is so strange to me, so could it be a bug?
  8. @NoaXcould you share an example or your set up i would be eternally greatful!
  9. I have been searching for a solution to this for ages, does anyone know the correct way to have a typical infection solver be sourced by a pops sim? an example for needing this would be if you were making a flamethrower sim but needed the fire to actual be able to spread to objects that the "fuel" or "flame" touched in the scene. I tried doing this with the pyrospread solver but it only sources the beginning pops and doesnt update the stream pops group. everything works fine as long as the source input doesnt change which is the problem. someone had said using sop solver and attribute transfer would be a way to fix this but i have no idea how to make it work ive been stuck for months. any help would be greatly appreciated. another example if it wasnt clear would be a dragon breathing fire on to a character, how would you source a fire that could spread once the fire from the dragon collides with the character thank you!