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  1. Hi, Just quickly tried new guided ocean layer, so far so good, just wondering what causes the edge popping issue? Should be all by default, didn't really tweak anything tho. Thanks in advance, JC
  2. Hi guys, I was trying to generate dynamic constraint with packed RBD point object like this video https://vimeo.com/178009897 I've read this thread but seems it doesn't work with packed rbd point object? Thanks in advance.
  3. cat

    Unable to access file F:\\\\HDRI\\\\room2\\\\artificial_light/room_half.hdr Unable to load texture 'F:\\HDRI\\room2\\artificial_light/room_half.hdr' I download hip file and get this when i render it, what;s wrong? I cannot find the error fag in this hip file. Is it in shops?
  4. fire tornaodo

    omg this link give me so many references, thanks a lot! Thank you! I'll share my test here to share with you guys.
  5. fire tornaodo

    thanks man. I will make it clear next time. But your link is not available, it shows "This is a private video". Thanks!
  6. fire tornaodo

    Hi, Recently, I'm working with this effect. I plan to use particle and make it as metaball to attach on pyro system. or someone else has an another idea? Thanks!
  7. underwater atomic explosion

    I checked your project file, it seens like something lost. I traced the file node, and I noticed $HIP\maya\...\clouds.bgeo was lost. Can you attach that for help us to understand your concept? Thanks!
  8. HOT release - 1.0rc8

    Hi, I was waiting for win32 version of HOT until I find the win32 folder in src folder. And I used it to compile in win32 platform, it works.
  9. Hi, How to set the force away from center for pyro? I remember it could create a sphere and use the point node to set normal force. But it cannot be create in pyro autoDopNetwork. Does someone could help me to solve it, or there is another way? Thank for help!
  10. HOT release - 1.0rc8

    it works on win32, my mistake. Hotsrc packages win32 hotbin where in the src folder.
  11. Houdini Ocaen Wave Rig

    Hi, I just compiled the HOT, and I try to use the "Waveform" node. Humm, not bad but I want the shape more like a great wave aka tsunami in the day after tomorrow. like this, I think that I use HOT will be a better performance.
  12. Installing HOT on Windows?

    Sure, I noticed there were some *.dll files in the dso folder before I compile it. I check another computer that never compile HOT, soon I notice they were wrong files where wrong place. I deleted them, then I deleted the Env Var that I set before. Here is a point, because I set HOUDINI_PATH and PATH in user Env Var, that's totally wrong perhaps. However, it works in System Env Var. If not, I dont know why, but I just adjusted them to system Env Var, and it works. Never jump any error window ever. It might be a mistake here, I just share my experience and try to figure the right way out. After I re-set Env Var, I compiled it again. There is nothing appear in the wrong place anymore. Thanks to Drew's hard work. I start to expect the Win32 version. I will use VEX for some advanced application test tonight.
  13. HOT release - 1.0rc8

    humm... I made HOT success yesterday night in win64. I just try HOT with WIN64 hotsrc and hotbin in win32 platform, it doesn't work yet. So I need to wait win32 version release if I wanna use it in win32 platform. Nice work, Drew. Thank you*100000000.
  14. Installing HOT on Windows?

    hold on, I make it. Tonight I'll have a party to celebrate it. Wooooohaaaaaaaaa.... happy!!!!
  15. Installing HOT on Windows?

    Is there someone who compile success in windows? no matter win32 or win64. Can you tell me your compile HOT way step by step?