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  1. spline orientation after vellum simulation

    thank you guys. In my case the orient along curve + sweep worked but i needed to export geo on alembic into c4d. the more elegant way were exporting a spline and using a spline wrap or sweep inside of c4d but then UVs etc are shifting. Imo its a C4D Problem instead of houdini. It seems like c4d cannot read the orient attribute from a spline. thank you guys for your help, i highly appreciated
  2. Hello Guys, I am looking for a way to fix the orientation on the points after a vellum simulation on a spline. I want to create a rope simulation and afterwards use the sweep node to get some geo around my spline but it turns out there are some weird twists. (check pictures below) Ill attach the scene file below. (rope_simulation.zip) any help is highly appreciated. thank you guys so much in advance. rope_simulation.zip
  3. Grains orientation is flipping

    thanks @DonRomano gonna check it out!
  4. Grains orientation is flipping

    I know this could be achieved with a RBD sim but i want it with grains. is there a way to fix it?
  5. Hi everyone, ive been using Houdini now for a few years and i absolutely love the power and the workflow with it but i am currently facing a problem which i cannot solve. the Orientation of my Grains are flipping and if I scatter stones on it, they are fliipping too. to visualize the Problem i copied grids on the grains. (check video below) I mean i could give it a straight up vector so nothing is flipping anymore but i want them accuratly rotate on the ground. In the Video you see grains on the ground and they should roll over the floor with proper rotations like marbles roll over a floor. pls help, i can not get my head round this... Thanks in advance! Max 2021-12-12 16-00-27.mp4
  6. Houdini fixed Point Count

    @Ziyadwhat i hate about thinking particles: you cannot translate it in c4d. you cannot change the position nor the size or rotation and as @flccsaid it does not solve the problem i think because the particle id still changes. But thank you very much @flccgotta check that out
  7. Houdini fixed Point Count

    Hi everyone, I am doing Houdini now for over 2 years and I love the software and the community! I recently face a big problem which i cannot solve on my own and cant find anything out there. to understand my problem you need to understand my workflow: since i got a redshift liceense locked with c4d i cannot render inside of houdini :/ so i usually create the simulation inside of Houdini and export it to c4d via alembic to render it there with redshift. (which is allready enough pain) whenever i create a particle simulation which has no constant point count like there are spawning new ones or they are dying somehwere i get really weird results in c4d with the cloner or rs matrix. i copy single polygons to the points in houdini and export it via alembic. In c4d I scatter now custom objects like different stones (stone A, stone B, stone C....) on the polygons and set distribution to polygon center so every single stone gets the same position as its particle. Or in other words: every polygon receives one particular stone. I also activate scaling from source so for example if i use grains with different size the scattered stones in c4d also get the same size and pretty accurate collitions. if now a new particle gets spawned or dies Stone A becomes stones B on the same location. this results in flickering evertime a particles spawns or dies. I also cannot use a random effector to drive the rotation or color of each stone because it changes every frame. I managed to find a workaround: I just keep the particle count the same without spawning or dying particles but i scale them to 0 or 1 but this is no real solution for me. Since i need to create a lager simulation and just pick out a small piece which i then need. So here is my questions: 1. Is this a Houdini Problem or is it a c4d Problem? 2. how can i fix it? 3. if it cant be fixed are there better workarounds? If you need a video or scene file or something from this problem let me know ill upload one but its for a client job and i cannot show too much. hope you understand and thanks in advance!