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  1. Change Node Shape in H16

    Hello! Now when H16 is out with new node shapes. How can i change them in python scripts so you can for example change the node shape with a toggle on an asset etc? /Magnus
  2. FX TD - Storm Studios - Oslo

    Storm Studios (www.stormstudios.no) is looking for a senior or mid level Houdini FX TD. The timeline is early November to mid January. Apply at www.stormstudios.no/jobs or send an email to nordahl@stormstudios.no
  3. Is there a good way to reuse a bullet sim of a fractured object to use as a collision object for a second simulation? Right now the first simulation is a destruction sim of a fractured object with about 17000 pieces and it takes about 2h to simulate. Then i use the first simulations cached geometry as a static deforming object in the second sim and it is calculating the collision shapes every frame for it (which is normal) so the second sim that has just a few hundred boxes takes 15h to simulate wich is way longer than the first sim. Is there any smart way to get my secondary simulation with a few boxes to collide with the first simulation in a fast way? Thanks /Magnus
  4. Change Node Shape in H16

    I found a way now! It wasnt the most obvious way to change shape but this is the way i found out: node.setUserData('nodeshape', "bulge") to get a list of all available node shapes : editor = hou.ui.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.NetworkEditor) shapes = editor.nodeShapes() print shapes
  5. Change Node Shape in H16

    As far as I can tell they just discuss default shape settings and the creation of custom node shapes in that thread. I can set the default node shape in OPcustomize with opdefaultshape but i want to be able to change the shape on the fly with python. just like you would with the node color with node.setColor(hou.Color()) i would like to know if there is something similar for shapes like node.setShape("bulge")
  6. I found out how. For anyone with the same problems with ubuntu and sublime text 3 you just need to write this in your houdini.env: VISUAL="subl -w" It didnt work without the -w flag
  7. Im having problem with sublime 3 and ubuntu (openbox) to get any connection between them. I get sublime to open on alt+E with a .tmp.vfl file but its always empty and nothing happens on save+close either. I noticed that houdinis gui doesnt freeze either like it should do when opening external editor until its closed. I got this to work without any hassle on win10 so maybe i need to do something spelcial on ubuntu?
  8. Network editor display options defaults

    Is there a way to set/save the default display options for the network editor? Or a way to otherwise script it? Like setting the default name highlights and snapping options etc. I would like to have "animated parameters" on as a default name highlight
  9. Network editor display options defaults

  10. Network editor display options defaults

    That only saves it for the network editors that i have in the desktop and that i changed the value on. If i open up a new network editor the defaults are back again, so there is no way to set permanent defaults for new network editors?
  11. Bullet: RBD sim as collision object for second sim

    Now i get this warning on bullet solver "geometry does not contain required point attributes" when i try to use my fractured simulation as a animated static object and its animation is not updating in the simulation. I cant upload the fracture file unfortunately but does anyone know what can be wrong? I have these point attributes on the packed primitives: P, active, name, v ... and path as primitive attribute.
  12. Bullet: RBD sim as collision object for second sim

    Awesome man, that worked like a charm. From 15h to 3min!
  13. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    I would not say its crap! Its actually very useful tool that has been used to do many cool effects throughout the years. It still has features thats more timeconsuming to do in Houdini
  14. Houdini 13 Released!

    Dunno, i tried to go to the orbolt webpage and i just get to some "sedo domain parking" page.
  15. Houdini 13 Released!

    Beautiful release! Another thing not mentioned is Draw Curve Sop, its in the create shelf too. Nice to finally be able to draw curves onto objects and stuff!
  16. Alt key for viewing in Houdini

    Nice! byebye accidently "space destroying" expressions
  17. Alt key for viewing in Houdini

    When you say work as expected, is Alt+RMB moving the camera position (as with space) or actually changing the fov?
  18. Alt key for viewing in Houdini

    For me it works as before if i turn it off (as it should), but when turning it on and holding ALT and pressing: LMB is rotating, MMB is panning, Scrolling its zooming but RMB it is changing "Screen Window Size" (not FOV like i wrote before) like when it is turned off, not zooming in/out like when holding space. I guess correct behavior should be exactly the same as space Is it only me that gets this result? tested on win8 64bit Build 469
  19. Alt key for viewing in Houdini

    For me ALT+RMB is still controlling FOV instead of zoom in and out like with SPACE
  20. It was both. I dont remember what earlier version we tried but i know that one was a 304.XX but less than 88. And one was 310.XX. The 319.XX (one that is currently latest for many gtx cards from nvidia, including older quadro 3700 that we also got on some computers here) didnt work at all so clearly not supported driver for the quadro fx 4000. Im testing on a GTX 680 now and happy to say that houdinis viewport outperforms maya (and maya 2.0 viewport) and blender in pure opengl performance. We did fps comparison on 10+ million poly sculpts from zbrush when moving around the viewport in different modes like wireframe, smooth shaded and smooth shaded with wires.. Also it was faster in selection speeds on both faces, points and edges (lasso + paint selection as well).
  21. Thanks for the information Mark! We got around to do some more testing with more than one computer and seems like it was a mix of bad driver versions with the graphics card that caused issues. The first test machine had a Quadro FX 4000 and it preforms worse than our GTX 580 cards. If anyone else got a Quadro FX 4000 card, it seems the driver 304.88 is the one to use on linux now, other drivers made a huge impact on performance depending on what desktop manager we used.
  22. Multi-layered procedural muscles WiP

    Pretty cool stuff you got going here Vlad! Very good job so far. What are you using for collisions? are you bulding SDFs from the muscle geo or ray/intersect or other trickery? A tool like this has a lot of potential in Houdini and would definitely increase houdinis character "muscles" hehe =) Will follow this with interest
  23. Hi Edward. Yeah unity is really slow so were not even considering this as an option, but houdini seems to be sensitive for us in what we run it on compared to nuke/maya etc so i was wondering what you guys use for linux distro&manager so we could test it out and see if its not some other problem with hardware configuration etc.
  24. Interesting thread What do you guys at sesi use as your linux distro+window manager/gpu for best performance? Were going to change os at work now and are doing a beta testing of ubuntu 12.10 and we seem to have very different performances in houdini depending on what window manager we test with (the test machine is using a quadro 4000, with 304 something nvidia driver). At home in win8 with gtx580 (306.97) i get way smoother performance out of houdini than with the much more powerful machine i have at work. (except for the ghosting mesh problem little now and then). While on viewport stuff, is there a plan to implement opensubdiv at some point? http://graphics.pixar.com/opensubdiv/ (know its been asked before but wont hurt poking on it again) *puppy eye look*
  25. HOT 12.5 and dynamics

    Another cool thing about this new ocean FX is that you can just write out the restdisplace volume to disk and then in your shader read it in (volume sample vector from file) and have very detailed displacements without having to re-calculate the ocean displacement each time you render Just remember when you do it in a shader to transform P with the transform vop node from "current -> object" before adding P together with the restdisplacement and then "object -> current" again afterwards