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  1. NodeZArt - art with nodes

    Hmm, nice work Andy.
  2. Hi, We've noticed some strange behaviour when exporting Alembic caches on windows as opposed to linux (Maya). When we export from maya on a linux machine and import into houdini(linux) everything is fine, but if we export on windows and import on linux the uv's get flipped in v. Anyone else noticed anything similar? Some endian-ness issue maybe? cheers Lyn
  3. Object Id Extra Image Plane In Mantra?

  4. Which Linux Laptop

    Yeah my Boss is trying to push an MBP on me, but I'm just a tad concerned about houdini's performance, but i sure wouldn't mind actually, So i'm going to try installing Ubuntu on my my firends MBP first just to test the waters
  5. Trimming A Prim Group List

    Hi guys, I need to trim a string array (primgrouplist() ) to use say the first n items in that list and make a new group of the selection any ideas...? thanks
  6. Which Linux Laptop

    Hey guys, I'm looking for recommendations for a good Linux laptop that can run houdini comfortably. Cost no bar...Company"s sponsoring thanks
  7. you could replace the sweep with a copy sop and add normal and up vector attributes to better control the orientation of your profile curves
  8. just calling in to say hi, between relocating to another town, finding a job thats had me glued to my seat et al. and so on and so forth, I'm sooooo out of touch with houdini. looking forward to getting down and dirty with v7. cheers tallkien
  9. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone Happy Holidays
  10. Happy Birthday Shannon

    Happy Birthday
  11. Struggling with Kinematics solver

    you use the IK blend slider to disable IK, The solver's behaviour has changed since 6
  12. RedHat 9.0 error in startup of houdini

    Somewhere in your menubar/desktop configuration there is an option to use Alt or Meta as your Modifier key, Set it to Meta, then you should be able to use Alt
  13. RedHat 9.0 error in startup of houdini

    su or login as root cd /usr/local/bin open your text editor of choice and copy the text exactly as you see above, save the file as eg. starthoudini or something chmod 755 starthoudini (to make it executable) run starthoudini from any shell
  14. cycle problem

    or use a sequence chop and set step to tx