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  1. Hi fabulous Houdini people, starting fresh with Houdini couple of months so far. Using Houdini 18.5 with Unreal 5 early-access. I have hard time to get my temp and baked mesh turning Nanite on, not working for me. Anybody succeed "bake"ing generated mesh with HDA in UE5 in Nanite ? I'm placing Att-Create, in interger, value 1, with the name "unreal_nanite_enabled" as the doc stipulates. no success thx in advance
  2. Chamfering edges?

    Replying cause even if it's old 2002 thread, Google still displaying this find for the question "chamfer" PolyBevel in "Edges" of course, with Fillet / Shape at Chamfer is working as a charm.