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  1. Confusion about CHOPs

    Alright so I'm just starting to learn about C HOPs and now I understand the basics of it. From what I've learned, all my CHOP networks end with either an export node or a rename node. However, when I right click on parameter > Motion FX... …I get this node tree I have two questions : 1) How does it "export" the data without an export or rename node? I checked the wave node and saw this as the channel name : 'run("chopls ../wave_transform1_clip1")' Not sure what this means or how it works as the export. 2) The math node is set to Combine CHOPs : Add. I know how adding channels are like, but what does it mean to add two CHOPs together?
  2. I'm not seeing the display color change when using soft transform, is there a setting I'm missing? P.s. It doesn't show up in transform mode either.
  3. I want to submit a bug report but they require an account number, whatever that means. Pretty sure I received one before but I just can't seem to find it.
  4. facet vs normals?

    Hi, I'd like to know the difference between the two and when I would use one over the other
  5. Newbie question here, when I create a sphere, there's different primitive types to choose from. The ones I'm most familiar with are the polygon and polygon mesh ones (coming from Blender). However, I'm a bit confused by what the primitive option stands for. It has 1 primitive, 1 vertex and 1 point. Yet, from the viewport, a primitive sphere appears to have 8 curved faces. Can someone help explain this? Thank you.