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  1. Woah! That's really good. Absolutely crazy how the props look so similar too.
  2. Thanks for replying! That plan sounds good, it really does, but maybe not for me. Sadly, I'm an absolute 0 when it comes to math. Almost flunked it in high school. I've considered studying CS but as I already struggle with basics I'm scared I won't be able to even finish the first year CS courses. And I don't really like math and logic thinking. Never been into programming either, except for a little web development. I would say that I'm more of a creative artist than a logical thinker. I think if I study CS and do Houdini on the side I probably won't have time for Houdini and other programs like Maya, Substance Painter, etc. cause I will be busy with solving homework for like 8 hours a day. But I really like Houdini and want to learn it. Thank you for listing courses! I'm going to check them out and start learning already.
  3. Thank you for replying. A lot of great points. I definitely need to start communicating with others and sharing work. I haven't started collaborating yet. Thanks for the points again, they really help a lot
  4. Thank you for the reply. You're actually spot on. I've been focusing a lot on just copying what the person does but then I forget what I even did. I'll try your method. Thank you!!
  5. Hi VFX people. I have recently found out that my passion is 3D CG, specifically VFX. I've been spending the past 4 months sitting at home by my PC learning all I can about 3D CG and exploring different fields, testing what I like and what I don't. I noticed that I really like learning Houdini and want to become better at it but I doubt I'm going to be able to become "job-ready" and hireable within a year or two if I study on my own. I can't just sit at home learning from YouTube videos cause many people look down on me for doing so. I looked up some VFX schools and found that I really like ArtFX in France but it's expensive cause I'm from Latvia. I would have to pay for not only tuition but also the living cost and the student apartment as I don't have any friends or relatives that live in France. I have calculated that approx. cost for 5 years would be 100k EUR. My family has some money saved but I would still need to take like 20-40k as a student loan to finish my studies. The price is kind of shocking to me but also seems to be worth it as they have equipment and tools I don't have access to - green screen rooms, cinema cameras and accessories, educational software, renderfarms, art gear. Another bonus is that I would have an interesting life as I would be somewhere else other than Latvia. It's getting really boring here. I have been in my house for 3 months without going outside, just trying to focus more on learning 3D but I'm not progressing as fast as I would like to. So what I would want to ask is if it's worth it to go to a VFX specialized school that would give me a good, solid experience and probably get me a job later on or should I just keep staying inside and trying to get better? Maybe I should just blow the money on traveling? The experience would be good but after the money is gone in like 2 years I would have no future. I'm really lost here. I hope someone gives me some advice, I really need it. Thank you for reading this.
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