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  1. @atom If I can trouble you with a one more question - your example file was incredibly clear and thank you for sharing it. My follow-up is - can the attribute transfer persist? In other words, once a blue particle collides with the box and turns red, can it STAY red, even once it rolls off the box and is no longer touching it? I saw a few examples using a solver, but once I move the attribute transfer node into the solver the particle simulation either disappears or begins to act erratically. If you have any additional thoughts would much appreciate them. Thank you!
  2. Thank you! Diving into your project now...
  3. Hi all - basic FLIP question around detecting particles that collide. I have a simple setup (see screenshot) and I need to detect and group particles that collide with the static object in order to assign a new Cd to these collision particles - hopefully determined by either a ramp OR a texture color from the collision geo. I'm having trouble finding good references for detecting colliding particles in a flip tank / flip solver setup. I found several tutorials covering setting up a pop collision detect node for a pop solver, but I'm unsure how to translate that to a flip solver - or even if a pop collision detect would work with a flip solver. Any help or pointers would be much appreciated. Thank you!