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  1. Any one show example for multi input python sop?

    Thx SYmek & edward !!! Another question is how create Python sop node with mutil inputs unknow the inputs number (like merge sop node)? I want to manage different data flow and using ADD OR MIX to process those like layer structure.
  2. I want my python sop has 4 inputs. geo = hou.pwd().geometry() this code gave me one instance object of first input geometry. How do I get object to the second input?
  3. Vex gather question

    Thx Jason. I using gather function whitout raytrace to create selfshadow , but i using houdini gather function got slowest rendering.
  4. Vex gather question

    I find the "samplepattern" with first parameter in Prman gather function. Prman Doc: "samplepattern" causes gather() to generate correctly stratified and distributed rays within the sample cone described by the subsequent arguments, but gather itself will not actually shoot any rays. Does houdini vex gather function implement this?
  5. I got deepshadow now. Thx guys.!! Another question .. How to shading particles of realistic water spray? Mass of partilces could render with this dso, but how to shading lots point "volume" like?
  6. Thx xionmark. When i was using deep shadow render the cluster. I get nothing..... Can you show how to setup deep shadow with your dso... thx !
  7. Using houdini fluid to create wet maps ?

    THx those useful links !! Thx aracid.
  8. any one give me some idear to create wet maps like realflow?
  9. fluid effects in houdini? but how to render the effect like that? The full effects is Collections at houdini 9.5 demo real , u can visit sidefx website.