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  1. Ol' London Town

    no overtime paid. Seems trivial, but having worked in North America now, I don't really want to go back to that scheme...
  2. pyro scattering pc files

    On the pyro shader on the settings tab, you find the shading mode. This needs to be set to normal shading. The rops created for the pc generation are running scripts that are setting the mode to actually write the pc files.
  3. Nuke Deep Compositing

    Apparantly Cortex (open source) from Image Engine has a rat to dtex converter. I haven't tried it personally, but was ensured it works.
  4. Taking transfered attribute forever

    That is exactly what makes the node rather unusable. Reordering the inputs a few times usually forces it to reset though...
  5. Houdini Cloth - Unbelievably SLOW!

    Depending on what you need to do you can use the wire solver instead. It's quite a bit faster, but doesn't produce nowhere near the nice results of the cloth solver.
  6. Volume Modeling Plug-in

    Good stuff! are you still in Van, if so lets do lunch next week. Pablo, you shouldn't have time to type in this forum at all one more week right?
  7. Fluid to text / geometry ?

    take a look at this tutorial: http://vimeo.com/20415443 http://vimeo.com/20415990
  8. Wire solver,rigid to elastic?

    You can use the attribute pintoanimation. Values higher than 0.5 will keep the wire in the position feeding from sop level.
  9. Rbd

    you can try upping rotational stiffness on the rbd object.
  10. Flood The City

    was wondering the same... measure did fine on sorcerer's apprentice for us...
  11. Fluid Forces/Deformation

    I haven't looked at your file, but the usual approach would be to add an edge force using a point sop to your curve, and inside the pop network (popsolver inside your dop network) you use an attractor that points to the curve (anywhere after the point sop)...
  12. How to morph particle fluid into geometry??

    Glad I could help. Good luck with your thesis and make sure to post it when you are done! georg
  13. How to morph particle fluid into geometry??

    and the pop method.. it should give you the idea... pop_blend.hip
  14. How to morph particle fluid into geometry??

    This is actually more along the lines what pencha said. Its very simple but might do the trick for you. Setting velocities in a dynamic object can be somewhat unpredictive, but if you still need it I can put another file together when I find a sec. simple_sop_blend.hip