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  1. Free Pig Head Sculpt

    Haha oh wow, so cool to see these. And yeah haha if SideFX wants to have this head in there as another level of their awesome pig, they're super welcome to. I'd be happy to retopologise it properly or try and reproject it onto the subdivided topology of the oginal pig
  2. Free Pig Head Sculpt

    Woah Fred, that's so awesome! You rock!
  3. Free Pig Head Sculpt

    Ah glad you like it! Ahaha Konstantin that's brilliant, thank you, and thank you for the awesome idea of posting it here, hopefully it brings some fun moments to people in this community
  4. Free Pig Head Sculpt

    Hey friends, Had a fellow 3d person stop by my youtube channel where I mostly sculpt random Zbrush stuff and ask for this model to be donated to the Houdini community: Which I think is a brilliant idea as I dabble with Houdini myself and love it. So here you go, have fun, would love to see some awesome things created with my humble sculpt Use it for whatever, personal, commercial. A link back to me/my channel always massively appreciated, but no obligations. Cheers! EoL PS hope this is the right section of forum to post this, apologies if not. xportPigHead_v01.fbx xportPigHead_v01.obj