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  1. you can use the sweep node or use point split point_and_prim_cound_changes.hiplc
  2. can you provide a scene for us? i would like to see it !
  3. you can for example change the mass/density of the falling objects, you can change substeps/constraint_iterations in solver, or adding attatch constraints to the net. vellum_ball_into_net_stiffness.hip
  4. you can merge with polypath or joint node. But guess this isnt the right way. you can simulate right away with stitch for example Merge Primitives.hip
  5. use a sop solver in constraint network rbd_break_frame.hip
  6. or in for each different_peak_for_each_group_point.hiplc
  7. try the peak sop. its easy to use rbd_soft_constraint_infection_preview.hip groundbreak.mp4
  8. Something like that to start rbd_soft_constraint_infection_preview.hip
  9. @animatrix timeshift isnt the issue as far as i see it here. You can check yourself in the scene below HeightFields_foreach_erosion.hip
  10. @animatrix ....heightfield erosion does not work in compile block bec its not compilable node... maybe the heightfield cutout object helps ?!
  11. vellum_ropes_curves_tension__pin_animated.hip
  12. different_random_group_for_each_row2.hiplc
  13. Frame 141.... a quick trail Bubbles_Foam_wire_vdb.hip
  14. as animatrix told call a prim attrib local_variable_not_found.hiplc
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