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  1. how to limit pyro forces to region

    Thank you guys really much for your feedback and ideas!
  2. how to limit pyro forces to region

    Hi! i did that with the stencil field in the gas disturb right now. Not sure if this is what you mean.pyro_region_force.hip pyro_region_force.hip
  3. how to limit pyro forces to region

    Hi Guys, does anybody knows how to limit pyro forces like gas disturb for ex to a spesific region ? Like pop groups in flip.
  4. AgentLayer in H 19

    Hey Guys. i was wondering, what happend to the AgentLayer node in Houdini 19. In H18.5 there was a option called keep position when parenting. Without this option, its hard to transform the additional geo on the character.
  5. Houdini Composite GridWarp?

    Hey Guys, is there a way to grid warp in houdini comp, like i can in nuke with the grid warp node ?
  6. Mantra Snapshots lost after restart

    Thanks for the reply. Thants unfortunate actually.But good to know. In Vray i took it for granted. Cheers!
  7. Mantra Snapshots lost after restart

    Hey Guys, im still new to Houdini and i was wondering, if there is a way in mantra to make the snapshots permanent, so that there are remaining after restart houdini. Would love to know. Cheers
  8. edge rough in houdini

    Something like that.... is there a node which can do that job easier?
  9. edge rough in houdini

    No, i just want to break the edges. I dont want the noise to go all over the place.
  10. edge rough in houdini

    Hi Guys, i am transfering an attribute from a sphere to a grid and i want to break up the edges of the transfered attribute. i tried to multiply/ add / sibstract a noise to it.. but all that did not really worked. is there a easy way without noising the geo? Thanks!
  11. how to parenting a light to a point

    Thanks! Thant helped
  12. how to parenting a light to a point

    Hi Guys, i am new to Houdini and i am trying to parent a light to a animated point inside a geo node. What is the easiest way to do it ? Thanks!
  13. Noise stretching along Curve

    Thank you, animatrix! That might be helping me.
  14. Noise stretching along Curve

    i Guys! I am new to Houdini, and i am wondering, whats the best way to stretch a noise along a polywired curve. I would like to add those kind of detail, to get a better look. Thank you for your ideas Cheers!
  15. point infection

    Hi Guys, i am new to houdini and i have a hard time to get there, especially when it comes to scripting. I found this point infection script online and i alreay use it for a project, and it works fine. The only problem is, that i dont really fully understood, why this is resulting in an point infection.. The point function is just reading the infection attribute per each point in that array right ? I would like to know , which line of code makes it actually 'grow' here? Thank you! pointinfect.hipnc