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  1. Vellum hair glue

  2. Does anybody know, how to animate a noise inside matnet in mantra. I thought i can just connect the time from the global variables to the noise flow.. but seems thats would be to easy :S
  3. pyro color emission

    Thank you Guys! That helped a lot! Cheers!
  4. pyro color emission

    Hi Guys, can somebody help me out with the pyro smoke color emission? i just want to emit Cd from my volume sources. with the spars solver it works, but not with the normal pyro solver. the scene is attatched! Pyro_Color_emission.hip
  5. Transfer attribte inside popnet ??

    I find a super easy way. Just renamed the original Cd Attribute and inherit it to the replicates and mixed it with the original Cd from the replicates... Not sure why it took so long for me to found that out. popnet__Cd_trasnfer.hip
  6. Transfer attribte inside popnet ??

    Hey Guys! dies anybody knows, how to transfer for ex teh age attribte fromone stream to another inside popnet? In the example scene i want du transfer the age from the bigger particles to the samller with pcopen. For some reason not working. Any ideas? popnet_attribute_trasnfer.hip popnet_attribute_trasnfer_Workarround.hip
  7. how to limit pyro forces to region

    Thank you guys really much for your feedback and ideas!
  8. how to limit pyro forces to region

    Hi! i did that with the stencil field in the gas disturb right now. Not sure if this is what you mean.pyro_region_force.hip pyro_region_force.hip
  9. how to limit pyro forces to region

    Hi Guys, does anybody knows how to limit pyro forces like gas disturb for ex to a spesific region ? Like pop groups in flip.
  10. AgentLayer in H 19

    Hey Guys. i was wondering, what happend to the AgentLayer node in Houdini 19. In H18.5 there was a option called keep position when parenting. Without this option, its hard to transform the additional geo on the character.
  11. Houdini Composite GridWarp?

    Hey Guys, is there a way to grid warp in houdini comp, like i can in nuke with the grid warp node ?
  12. Mantra Snapshots lost after restart

    Thanks for the reply. Thants unfortunate actually.But good to know. In Vray i took it for granted. Cheers!
  13. Mantra Snapshots lost after restart

    Hey Guys, im still new to Houdini and i was wondering, if there is a way in mantra to make the snapshots permanent, so that there are remaining after restart houdini. Would love to know. Cheers
  14. edge rough in houdini

    Something like that.... is there a node which can do that job easier?