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  1. Hey Guys, my channels in my parameter view sometimes collapse from vector to one float. idk why this happens oncei n a while but it turns me nuts. Only a restart helps since new nodes of the same typ will still have that issue too. Do you guys expierienced this issue too?
  2. do you guys have any idea how to do quadify in houdini? Thanks!
  3. i changed the code a little and put comments. should be easier to understand now. intersect_wrangle__primpoints_in_pointwrangle__array.hiplc
  4. you can use the sweep node or use point split point_and_prim_cound_changes.hiplc
  5. can you provide a scene for us? i would like to see it !
  6. you can for example change the mass/density of the falling objects, you can change substeps/constraint_iterations in solver, or adding attatch constraints to the net. vellum_ball_into_net_stiffness.hip
  7. you can merge with polypath or joint node. But guess this isnt the right way. you can simulate right away with stitch for example Merge Primitives.hip
  8. use a sop solver in constraint network rbd_break_frame.hip
  9. or in for each different_peak_for_each_group_point.hiplc
  10. try the peak sop. its easy to use rbd_soft_constraint_infection_preview.hip groundbreak.mp4
  11. Something like that to start rbd_soft_constraint_infection_preview.hip
  12. @animatrix timeshift isnt the issue as far as i see it here. You can check yourself in the scene below HeightFields_foreach_erosion.hip
  13. @animatrix ....heightfield erosion does not work in compile block bec its not compilable node... maybe the heightfield cutout object helps ?!
  14. vellum_ropes_curves_tension__pin_animated.hip
  15. different_random_group_for_each_row2.hiplc
  16. Frame 141.... a quick trail Bubbles_Foam_wire_vdb.hip
  17. as animatrix told call a prim attrib local_variable_not_found.hiplc
  18. you can call the sc attrib over an for each loop to get random values . copy_tubes.hip
  19. thats interesting.. I dont really get the find function part. how can it avoid that all points connect?
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