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  1. accumulating or adding deforms over time?

    Ah! Thank you for that! It seemed that it was more of a "many paths to the same result" until you mentioned this! SopSolver it is then. I'll save the foreach for another time, another problem. Thanks again guys! Back to Sam's SopSolver example for me.
  2. accumulating or adding deforms over time?

    I need to chase down a way to use the foreach sop here, if just to really learn it. I will learn how to repeat this with DOPS and if I ever figure out what a proto install is, I'll look at the feedback loop as well. The only problem in my little network above is that although I AM calculating the ray deform once for each frame up to the current, I'm NOT actually sampling the deformation AT THAT POINT IN TIME. The framehead doesn't move. Heh heh. So I get the same result for each iteration. So the question is... How might I tell houdini to sample ALONG the timeline? Is that a CHOPS thing? A lag node?
  3. accumulating or adding deforms over time?

    Hey thanks, Sam, for setting all that up. I'm trying to wrap my head around it now! Surely this kind of looping/feedback is used all the time for tons of things using many different methods. Mark
  4. accumulating or adding deforms over time?

    Sorry, here's the little hip file in case anyone was interested. Thanks again. footForeach.01.hipnc
  5. accumulating or adding deforms over time?

    I'm finally able to get back to this. Here's a quick example pic. Sphere is animated, pushing at the grid with ray node. Trying to get a mole trench affect with it, by accumulating the deform. Can anyone tell me what I might be missing here? Thanks!
  6. accumulating or adding deforms over time?

    I'm wondering if by using a ForEach SOP you mean I would simply rebuild the deforms up to the current frame, accumulating them myself. That does sound pretty straight forward if it's possible.
  7. repurposing character rigs?

    Ah, yes, sorry, that's what I meant: A tool that rigs a set of joints for you. Still, there is the learning overhead of how python plays with Houdini while I am still trying to cram down some of her more fundamental concepts. I will work to climb those walls first. I can't imagine tools would be too big a stretch if I'm already comfy with python. Thanks a lot for your help! Ah, ye
  8. accumulating or adding deforms over time?

    Ah! This looks perfect! Thanks Spencer.
  9. Hi everybody, Wondering about the best way to accumulated a deformation over time in some additive manner. I'm using it on a variation of a footprint deformer. At the moment I'm using a RAY SOP to get my data and LAG CHOP to "accumulate" but it's kind of a cheat and will only work for limited situations. I'm new to all this so other solutions are eluding me. I see this kind of thing done in Houdini all the time so I'm sure it's fairly straightforward. Any help is much appreciated! Mark
  10. repurposing character rigs?

    Hey Phrenzy, Thanks for the quick reply! I remember seeing your torso rig experiments. I can understand why a custom autorigging tool would be the smartest way to go. I also see how it would be difficult to simply "move bones around" with a bone based vs a joint based system. It was too much to hope for the miracle of moving bones and controls around to fit new characters. New autorig it is then (if I have the time to put into learning it) yet again and in a new piece of software. Thanks again!
  11. I would think within a procedural workflow like Houdini's, one could set up a scalable, reusable bipedal rig. No? Once a fully working rig is built, could I not simply set things up so that control curves and joint pivots could be moved around to fit new, differently proportioned models and then work through re-capturing manually? I recently watched a little demo in Blender where this was done. I'm not used to this kind of freedom in Maya. I'm a new Houdini user, trying to wade my way through learning the software and evaluate if it's the right direction for my personal project. Thanks! -mark