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  1. thanks for testing. I thought i tried that already, but in my case Polygon wasnt deformable by the mountain sop... Anyways i got now the same problem as it would be on Polygon Mesh, but different. If that makes sense. another_deformer_test.hipnc
  2. hi, im building a modular setup. I want to have wall modules on the lines with that slope. In order to make them fit to a tower module its not enough to simply orient them. I need them to be deformed to make them fit. The first attempt was to apply a point deformer. But that result was inaccurate and not really working. The Lattice deformer seems to work only if the deformer is having a minimum res of 3*3*3 divisions. What i need is a working Lattice Deformer in the form of a cube without divisions. It is possible in maya very simply. But in Houdini the result looks like something is broken. Am I missing something obvious? cube_deforming.hipnc
  3. Thank you. I didnt know about that Stop condition in the sop loop. You assumed correctly, that the "current" point group is assigned to a single point. But here is the full setup for those who are interested. (without the stop condition. Im working on that) maze_generator.hipnc
  4. Hi, im build a Maze generator with vex. But i went into an issue by setting up the right iterations. I developed the code in a solver sop because it was easy for me to understand whats happening. But now i want the code iterating till the maze is finished. So I want the iterations to be driven by a condition, for example (and not by frames). Does anybody know how to make a recursive version of the code, so i will be able to setup a condition? function int[] nunvisited(int inpoint){ int pushed[] = array(); foreach(int n; neighbours(0,inpoint)){ if(inpointgroup(0,"visited",n)!=1){ push(pushed,n); } } return pushed; } function void movefor(int cpoint){ int neighbours[] = nunvisited(cpoint); int randbour = int(rand(cpoint+25)*len(neighbours)); int npoint = neighbours[randbour]; //add point to visitedlist array int visitedlist[] = detail(0,"visitedlist"); push(visitedlist, npoint); setdetailattrib(0,"visitedlist",visitedlist,"set"); //enable visited group setpointgroup(0,"visited",npoint,1,"set"); //disable current group setpointgroup(0,"current",cpoint,0,"set"); //enable current group setpointgroup(0,"current",npoint,1,"set"); //color setpointattrib(0,"Cd",npoint, {0,0,1}, "set"); //add line int l = addprim(0,"polyline",cpoint,npoint); setprimgroup(0,"line",l,1,"set"); } function void moveback(int cpoint){ int list[] = detail(0,"visitedlist"); int lastindex = len(list)-2; int ppoint = list[lastindex]; //delete point from visitedlist array int visitedlist[] = detail(0,"visitedlist"); removeindex(visitedlist,len(list)-1); setdetailattrib(0,"visitedlist",visitedlist,"set"); //disable group setpointgroup(0,"current",cpoint,0,"set"); //enable group setpointgroup(0,"current",ppoint,1,"set"); setpointattrib(0,"Cd",ppoint, {1,0,0}, "set"); } if(len(nunvisited(@ptnum))<1){ moveback(@ptnum); }else{ movefor(@ptnum); }
  5. @Librarian haha, till now, i never thought about joining a japanese forum. But it is exactly what i was looking for. thx @sebkaine you are probably right with your supposition on my ref. Im going to try the reversed cache method as well.
  6. @Librarian first things first i destroyed the wall by a rbd sim. After that i created a pointcloud wich is transferring its "active" attribute to the wall. Than I created some forces in the reassemble dopnet. Im controlling the forces by ramps wich are connected to the distance of startpos to targetpos. Thats my setup. my reference is:
  7. thanks to all, i will give it a try.
  8. Hi guys, i am looking for a solution, that same bricks are fighting on some area because they cant reach their target pos or their target rotation. They try to reach the target pos and rotation but they are preventing each other. Are there any Ideas on how i could fix this without loosing collision?
  9. so you want to change the color because of their distance to each other? In that case you, should try the nearpoints function. here is an example: nearpoints in dopnet.hipnc
  10. i tried to have an Attribute value driving a Parameter. It just dont work. I need an Attribute from a Point. dop channel issue.hipnc
  11. what do you try to achieve? after assembly, you only have two point.
  12. @Librarian your code is pretty helpful i think. But can you share your node setup, so i can view the code in context? Im not experienced enough to get it work. Thank you
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