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  1. Hi, I'm pretty new to Houdini and I have to export some assets with vertex color, and later import them in Unreal Engine 5. The assets are made of packed instances, and there is color assigned to them through the Attribute from Map node. I would like to get the color information in UE (I created a material that takes vertex color as base color), but it only works with unpacked geometry. My question is if it's actually possible to export packed geometry with vertex color. Thank you in advance for any reply!
  2. Hi, I'm new to Houdini and there is basic stuff that I can't wrap my head around. I want to animate a railroad appearing below a moving train, and the easier way that came to mind is using the copy and transform node, by animating the total number. But this doesn't seem the best way and as soon as I change the train animation the railroad gets ahead or behind it, so I was wondering would the best way would be. should also export everything to Unreal, but the alembic of the animated railroad isn't working, probably because of it gradually appearing, so if you happen to know how to make it work I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance! copynumbertomovingobject.hipnc
  3. Pscale controlled by ramp

    Oh I see, I was wondering how to make it work with different sizes, but I would have never thought of this solution. Thank you a lot!
  4. Pscale controlled by ramp

    Thank you, unfortunately it didn't work. Of course I could have attached my file earlier. pscale_ramp.hip
  5. Hello! I'm kind of new to Houdini and especially to VEX. I was trying to animate scales appearing on a geometry using a ramp in an attribute wrangle, which controls pscale. This way, when changing ramp point position pscale changes along the x axis. However, the last points don't change, as you can see in the first image. What am I missing? Thank you!