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  1. [Solved]global variable computing problem

    I got it! I thanks Miles and Tomas, your explainings are very straightforward:)
  2. [Solved]global variable computing problem

    thanks for your mention ryan.
  3. Hi there, I am a newbie in vex and tried to start from some basic computing to learn it. In this case I tried to recreate a computing: $PT/$NPT and give this value to @Cd. I tried three different ways but only one way works. float pt; float npt; float cr; pt = @ptnum; npt = @numpt; cr = pt/npt; @Cd = {0,0,0}; @Cd.x= cr; Follows are not working. @Cd = {0,0,0}; @Cd.x = @ptnum/@numpt; @Cd = {0,0,0}; float cr; cr = @ptnum/@numpt; @Cd.x = cr; Looks like I can't use global variables to compute directly. Any explains? Thanks! Gu Problem.hip
  4. Oh could someone move this thread to General discussions? I posted it at the wrong place. Thanks!
  5. Hi there, I just wondering if there is any way could determine the proportion peaks distance between Ocean and ship. Let me say I have a 250 meters ship, and a large ocean with 5000 square meters. I know there is a parameter called Grid size in ocean spectrum node that can be used for setting kinda of "distance between two peaks"(I tried understand it in that way). But so far I could only use my eyes to decide what it the best size for the ship. Here are to examples : gird Size 30 grid size 200 you can see the difference of those pics. size 30 is completely wrong, size 200 looks not bad, but I have no confidence to make sure it has the right proportion . After a bunch of failure I realized how important to keep the proportion as same as real world is. So does someone who has experiences on dealing with the proportion problem could explain how to deal with it? Is any computing behind it? or just get some idea from experience? Regards, Gu
  6. How can i use the HQueue Render O.o

    Hi mohamed, there is an awesome video from Chris Rydalch that show you some tips on running HQueue with linux. check this video below see if it helps. Cheers!
  7. thanks Hudson & ivan! what a stupid mistake!
  8. Hi there, Recently I followed CGS's fluid FX tutorial and tried to use Addpoint vop to achieve a foam effects. Everything goes well expect the rendering. After I tried a couple of times I found I could only render out the source particles which directly generated by pop netwok. Those points( I assume those are particles?) which generated by addpoint vop could not be rendered. So I just tried to render some test I did before I still get the same result. you can see problem pictures as following: this is my network, Point_add attribute vop response for adding points. this is how it looks in view port this is the render simple file attached. your help is much appreciated! Regards, Gu problem.hip
  9. Volume OPGL problem[solved].

    OK i got it. Just hit D going to the Display options > effects, click on transparency opinion, problem solved.
  10. Hi there, Recently I upgraded my Houdini from v547 to v582, and I got some wired results in viewpor when I was doing the basic pyro sim(using preset). I posted the screenshot as follows. My OS: centos 7 computer: E2620*2 64G 1600 RAM GTX 970 this problem also occurred at one of my another computer, which has the same OS with the previous. hareware for this one: X5690*2 64G 1333 EEC RAM GTX 680 v547 is working very well on GTX680 but couldn't bring volume out to viwport on GTX970. Driver ver: 343.22 for the first, 340.46 for the second. BTW, switch to OPGL 2.2 does not help. Any suggestion is much appreciated . I post this topic in sidefx forum as well for getting more suggestions. thanks:)
  11. Anyway to recreate primitive numbers?

    it works! thanks in adv for Pradeep and Pavel's help:)
  12. Anyway to recreate primitive numbers?

    Here is what I tryed. 1.Create a attribute create node 2.Add PR attribute 3.Assign a rand expression to the value. Still can't see any change in viewport. Also I checked a new object which has the primitive number, but I could get any info from detail view. i am wondering where is this attribute stored?
  13. Hi there, Yesterday I imported a model with abc format and tried to add fractures on it. Then I found I couldn't pick single primitive at all. I went and checked the primitive details and found Every primitive I planed to deal with has the same primitive number. Is anyone who faced similar problem before? Any tips to recreate primitive numbers? Any suggestions are much appreciated.
  14. Whitewater Foam MOd

    Thanks stoptherain's tips:) I faced the same problem, will follow your way to deal with it.
  15. thanks marty! I found the solution to deal with it from someone's post. There is no business of explicit cache function. I just feed the begos I got before to [initial state](in dopnet) then doing render work in dop import sop, houdini will continue to simulate. However there is a little different from the post said. It the dopnet only needs the last frame, but in my case the dopnet only works if I imported my whole bgeo sequence.Also I think my topic is kind of misunderstanding due to my Ignorance, so I changed it.