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  1. The building generator SOPs are lightly documented and don't even show up in interactive help. The tutorial videos are out of date at this time. The Labs Building Generator Utility has an option to add optional variation name and weight. It has been a while since I used Houdini, but as far as I can tell the modular pieces in the building generator SOP don't work like in the scatter nodes. The Labs Building Generator node only seems to be using the name attribute, and putting in the extra variation instead does not seem to have any effect. Is it possible to vary the wall pieces separately from the floor overload mechanism? My hunch is that variations are intended for this, but I do not know how.
  2. It seems that simply removing the Redshift settings in houdini.env was enough to fix my problem.
  3. When I click Render, I see it trying to use Redshift which I uninstalled a while ago and then failing with an error. How do I get it to use something else?
  4. When I use Scene Import (All), export it that way as USD, and import it in Clarisse, the entire scene graph ends up being flattened, and I get thousands of mesh_0_x objects cluttering my scene. So I've tried the approach of separating out the objects individually and naming the nodes. But that still results in the scene graph not being exported. Is there a way to export the scene graph as well so I can get the objects nearly arranged into contexts?
  5. Now that I got this out of the way, why is Clarisse complaining about the asset being left-handed? How do I export it as a right handed asset instead?
  6. I see now that I can use primitive groups to set shading groups in USD. To make this work, I have to mark them as Subset Groups in Import Data in the USD Export nodes either LOP or SOP. I've also figured out that putting in * works for exporting groups even in packed and nested packed primitives, but that would be too much. Instead I should be able to prefix the groups and then put in something like s_* in Subset Groups to properly export them.
  7. I have a scene done entirely in the obj context for which I want to assign shading groups so that I can export it from Houdini and import it in Clarisse as USD and do the lookdev there. When exporting .obj files, just having the shop_materialpath attribute is enough to delineate the shading groups, but that does not work when exporting USD scenes. What should I do to make this work?
  8. The USD Export node can export scenes as .usdnc, but I can't figure out how to load them in Blender after that. I tried renaming the file extension to .usd, but that did not work. Is it impossible due to it being non-commercial, or have a I missed a way to do it? Has anybody tried this?