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  1. Fracture - refraction artifacts

    Hi, thanks for the reply! I don't know mantra well enough to get decent results with reasonable render times, well not something where I could see if the problem is the simulation or not. I pushed up the substeps to 8, triangulated and made sure the normals are correct. So will report back if that solved it. Your glass fractures are way too fast to judge if you had the same issue or not unfortunately. Cool though
  2. Fracture - refraction artifacts

    Hey, hope someone can help on this one. Been searching around and couldn't find a solution. What im doing: Bring in a closed OBJ bottle, fracture it with time scale set low to get slow motion. Write out a obj sequence that I read into Modo to render. I know.. pretty weird pipeline, but its for fun Now... im pretty happy with how it looks still, but as soon as you check the animation you see alot of flickering artifacts. I believe its intersection issues? This is a pretty common thing to try and do, so someone must have ran into this. Otherwise I'll just continue testing different things to fix it. Animation (short, but shows the problem): glasstestNuke.mp4 1.5MB
  3. Don't know if this would help but here goes. Why not use the trace node using the alpha texture to cut out the unneeded geometry and just copy stamp that instead of using sprites?
  4. 3d mandelbrot primitive?

    awesome Thought this thread was dead so didn't check back for a while. Thanks for sharing
  5. 3d mandelbrot primitive?

    cool. Any ideas on how to generate the geometry? Closest i can think of is to march the points of a grid from the camera towards the surface, but that wont create backfaces etc.. and be very slow. Is there anything in the HDK that can help?
  6. 3d mandelbrot primitive?

    Thanks for the links. I've written a simple c++ mandelbrot generator ages ago while messing around with pixel plotting libraries and opengl. Just need to figure out how to apply the formula to a 3d container to trace against. Basicly in 2d you just run your screen x/y coord through the formula and you get a value you can use to print a color. Anyways, out of curiousity I slapped together a python sop and piped in a block of grids to see what will happen. Getting some very funky results, although its slow when you get to ridiculous point counts. python code: import math geo = hou.pwd().geometry() n = hou.Node.evalParm(hou.pwd(), "nlevel") for pt in geo.points(): pos = pt.attribValue("P") x = pos[0] y = pos[1] z = pos[2] r = math.sqrt(x*x + y*y + z*z ) theta = math.atan2(math.sqrt(x*x + y*y) , z) phi = math.atan2(y,x) newx = r**n * math.sin(theta*n) * math.cos(phi*n) newy = r**n * math.sin(theta*n) * math.sin(phi*n) newz = r**n * math.cos(theta*n) newpos = (newx, newy, newz) pt.setPosition(newpos)
  7. 3d mandelbrot primitive?

    http://www.skytopia.com/project/fractal/mandelbulb.html http://www.skytopia.com/project/fractal/2mandelbulb.html Just saw that and read through a bit of the forum thread linked off it and wondered if its possible to somehow plug that formula into a object node and get mantra to render similar 3d fractals? I'm really new with houdini so dont even know what to search for, or if its possible. I doubt you can generate the geometry with polygons (even a rough approximation)... it will have to be at render time right? edit: looks like that site just died from traffic. heres the thread: http://www.fractalforums.com/3d-fractal-generation/true-3d-mandlebrot-type-fractal/ 3d vs 2d fractal:
  8. Heres a nice example of using inline code to drive illumination and building a shader from scratch. http://www.andynicholas.com/?p=19
  9. converting particles to a liquid volume

    If you have access to realflow you can try exporting the particles as a RF bin sequence and meshing it in realflow.
  10. Painting with polygons

    Hi, first post Did a test this side and just uploading for those that requested some help to get started. paintingPoly.mov paintingPolygons.hip