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  1. Why is there a default /out network if we can drop ROP nodes practically anywhere? and why have a mat/shop/stage contexts when you only need one of those to drop a material library node? I like the stage context + karma, and find them totally adequate. so are they going the phase out the other redundant contexts or am I missing out on some functionality here?
  2. Need Houdini tutor

    [PAID] [REMOTE] Need Houdini tutor. This Upwork job post contains all the details: https://www.upwork.com/jobs/~011d3af726ff729b75 If interested, please message me on Upwork or email me at bw1animation@gmail.com.
  3. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    Some common sense ideas that occurred to me after having tried every 3D software. I don't have many gripes with Houdini's UX. But these just seem way too obvious. -an infinite scroll drag like in Blender for all panes (viewport, spreadsheet, network editor). We already have it on parameter sliders. Why isn't it everywhere? Especially the network editor. -Anytime you type code anywhere in Houdini, there should be some kind of auto-fill suggestions option that gives you potential keywords/reserved words. -The ability to destructively edit geometry. Is it really that hard to add a non-procedural component to the toolset? Or at least make an optional toolset or something that has zero risk of interfering with the established core functions?