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  1. Vellum attach to particles

    Has anyone had luck with attaching pieces of vellum cloth to a set of incoming particles? I'd like to take a pop sim that is cached out and attach the general motion of the vellum pieces to the pop sim while getting all the fluttering that would happen with vellum. thanks,
  2. FBX pivot to unity

    Good idea. Unfortunately, I don't need the pivot to be the center so I don't think the shelf tool will do what I am looking for. For something like a door, I need the pivot to be in a specific location so that rotations work properly.
  3. Material groups to Unity

    Hi, When exporting to Unity with fbx, Is there a way to tag groups of faces within the same object so that I can assign different materials to different parts of that object? thanks, Jason
  4. FBX pivot to unity

    Hi,I am exporting objects from Houdini to Unity with the fbx export rop and I can't seem to get my pivot to export correctly. Is the fbx rop correctly exporting the pivot to unity? In Unity it shows the pivot to be at the origin.I've tried setting the pivot on the top level of the obj scope as well as inside the obj scope on a transform sop. Neither seem to be doing the trick.thanks,Jason
  5. Pyro Shader Help!

    Sounds good. Thanks, Jason
  6. Pyro Shader Help!

    Unfortunately, neither of these work. #1 does nothing at all and #2 only affects the render view, but the gl scene view doesn't change. Scene view always shows in gamma 1. thanks, -Jason
  7. Pyro Shader Help!

    Hey Marty, So when I change the gamma in the color settings for the viewport it does nothing. I can put it to any number and the view remains the same. The render view responds correctly, but the gl view does not. Even if I set it to 2.2, it still shows it as if it was set to 1. -Jason
  8. Pyro Shader Help!

    Hi, Has anyone found a solution? I am also having this problem. Thanks!
  9. sop attrs in dops

    This is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I haven't had too much time with the wrangle nodes yet, so this is a good chance for me to learn them. Thanks for your help anim & kare. -Jason
  10. sop attrs in dops

    Ok, I'll look into the modify data dop. I haven't used before, so I am a bit unsure on the syntax. Do you know what is expected in the "value 0 string" field to get the vector to update? thanks again for your help!
  11. sop attrs in dops

    True, there is an Up vector in dops, but it is incorrect. Compare it to the up vector that comes out of the dop import into sops and you will see that they are different.
  12. sop attrs in dops

    Sure, here you go. Thanks for taking a look. underwater_falling_debris_odforce.hip
  13. sop attrs in dops

    Hi, Just hoping someone can help me out with this. Any thoughts? thanks
  14. sop attrs in dops

    Hmm, I see the up vector being updated on the dop import inside of sops, but is there a way to get that updated vector inside the dop so that I can control a force with it? thanks, Jason
  15. sop attrs in dops

    That was it. Thank you so much. -Jason