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  1. Is there any way to version control digital assets with git? I tried turning compression off, but git still identifies digital assets as binaries. Would be awesome if we could use git operations on hdas, merge, diff, ...
  2. bug?: houdini stuck in cancel mode

    This happens to me almost every day. Is there another workaround than reloading the scene? Edit: Reason was a corrupted hip file.
  3. I have a curve with a group including only one point. After a resample the group has more than one point. Do you have a workaround for that?
  4. Primuv of Point

    Yess, that's amazing. It's in my test it was 8x faster than the resample sop. I've had some weird thinks happening with the resample sop, that's why I was looking for alternatives.
  5. My rig doctor is concerned. He found a cycle in the curves I'm trying to rig. How could I resolve this issue in a way that only the cycles get altered and the rest stays. It would help if I could figure out where those cycles are spotted. I've made a simple scene in case someone wants to give it a try. dr_cycle_debug.hiplc
  6. Primuv of Point

    Thanks konstantin, thanks! Just concerned about what happens when multiple curves overlap. I hoped that this can be extracted from some kind of primitive intrinsic or any other way that does not involve a point/prim lookup.
  7. Primuv of Point

    Hi! How can I extract the primitveuv of given point on a curve (I asume that on polys one point is used by multiple primitives). Like the one xyzdist provides?
  8. Hey, I want to have a switch to treat volumes and geometry differently. I think I've seen something like that before and looked up the hscript expressions but have not found it. Thanks in advance
  9. Kinefx Overshoot on Curve

    Thank you so much!
  10. What is you goal? It's a bit hard to understand (at least to me). Uv is a vector attribute so of course you can just convert your directional vector to uv, but I assume that is not what you mean. Maybe you can show simple example file?
  11. Kinefx Overshoot on Curve

    Hi, I'm unrolling a curve with kinefx and want to give it some overshoot and jiggle. I was not able to do this with the secondary motion node. I've attached a file to give it a try. It's a modified version of the unroll curve example from the cgwiki. kinefx_overshoot_curve.hiplc
  12. Shuffle float Array

    How do I shuffle a float array vex?
  13. Pointgroup for Clip Sop Edge

    Thanks! @Librarian not sure what otl's you mean.
  14. Increasing Noise

    Can someone help me create a noise which constantly increases on a geometry? I want to use it in conjunction with the clip sop to make some kind of reveal effect. The Problem I'm having are those unconnected holes that appear if I introduce the noise. I tried something which you can find in the attached hip, but I'm stuck and would appreciate your help. increasing_noise.hiplc