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  1. Shuffle float Array

    How do I shuffle a float array vex?
  2. Pointgroup for Clip Sop Edge

    Thanks! @Librarian not sure what otl's you mean.
  3. Increasing Noise

    Can someone help me create a noise which constantly increases on a geometry? I want to use it in conjunction with the clip sop to make some kind of reveal effect. The Problem I'm having are those unconnected holes that appear if I introduce the noise. I tried something which you can find in the attached hip, but I'm stuck and would appreciate your help. increasing_noise.hiplc
  4. Is there an elegant way to have a point group for the edge generated by the clip sop in keep all primitives mode.
  5. Hi all, Can someone help me getting started with my own top rop. I want my rop to: - Cache a range defined in tops. E.g. scene frame range is 5 and desired range defined in top is 10 Frames. See attached file. - Cache 2 geometry rops placed in my hda at once with the same rop fetch. - Create workitem result for both rops. I could not find much information on those topics. Any resource that might help is appreciated. I've attached a file in case you want to give it a shot. Thanks in advance! tops-rop.hiplc