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  1. Need help for a smooth POP emission

    Hello Prasanth, I had made some changes in the emitter and the pop sim and its works well for me 1) i changed the sphere into a semisphere (in reality its like a sprayer so i used semisphere as one side emitter) 2) created a vel using the semisphere 3)jitter birth time to positive and interpolation method to match topology (**** highly recommend you to use match topology when the geometry points and the emitter points before sim are same ******) and added some variance in velocity i hope it might help for you, if you have any doubts please reach me out Have a nice Day ap_Color_Smoke_nagoor_version.hipnc
  2. hello all, iam just dong a wall tool but i found that if my line is in curve shape i might get some gaps in-between the bricks. is there any way to fix these thing and i also found that some of the bricks are intersecting with each other. it will be a issue while doing RBD. is there any way to fix these things