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  1. Hey I'm about 5 Weeks into my Houdini Learning experience, but I'm lacking a sense of community / someone to 'shoot the shit' with when it comes to discussing Houdini/VFX etc. Anyone wanna hop on call sometime, meet new peeps and have some fun?
  2. Hey I'm wondering - is it possible to continue "rendering" after you've interrupted a render? Let's say I render out 36 out of 240 frames. Then I "interrupt" the render, and then I want to start it "again" from frame 36 to 240. Is this possible? I mean sure, I can manually set the start frame to be 36, but the last time I tried, the two simulations "together" did not make sense, aka from 1-36 and 36-240... there was like a "Cut" from 36 to 37 to a completely different "Version" of the animation. If you have any questions, be sure to ask. Tried to explain as best as I can.
  3. Hey! I was wondering if anyone could clarify what exactly is happening here in this image. My Interpretation: pscale is multipled by a ramp...which is driven by age variable? I know that ramps have values from 0 to 1, and if pscale here is 0.01, then the 0.01 is "1" (max) and 0 is the minimum, right? What I don't get it, how does the "age" play a role here? Let's say 0.37/1.32 = ~0.28. Does this mean that the point will only 0.28*0.01 in size? The Goal: Here's what I want to happen. "When The particles are just spawning, I don't want them to the full size before frame ~8, and before they "Die off" completely, I yet again want to make them smaller." ...Have I achieved this? I could very well be overthinking, but that's why I'm making this post. I just for some reason can't grasp it ahah, the "age" variable in the whole thing throws me off. Edit: ...I think it hit me? (Let me know). Basically - age by itself, since it's getting divided, will always be from 0 to 1, and since the "life" of a point always stays the same, the age will naturally increase from 0-1 in it's lifespan. Because of this, The ramp is...no wait... if it's 0.28~, why would it be full size (0.01) just because the ramp shows "1" there? Okay, nvm, Still confused ahah. Gonna go to bed, wake up with a fresh head. Cheers.