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  1. E3- anyone?

    Any of you play halo online? I say we have a war this weekend perhaps....
  2. Happy Birthday Marc and Xiangbuilder

    Have a great bday while you can --Ronnie
  3. We are back on the air pe...op....le

    whoops, forgot to login again. I claim the above post --Ronnie
  4. Lorenz Attractor

    I remember that from a screensaver in linux. --Ronnie
  5. Happy Birthday Jason

    Happy B-day! Enjoy the sushi. lol --Ronnie
  6. Happy Bitrhday Childpark

    Happy B-Day --Ronnie
  7. You will need a realflow SD(Scene Description) file exporter for houdini as you would in other packages. If you do a search on here you should come across one someone has posted on here. As far as I know it comes in the form of a SOP. good luck --Ronnie
  8. Realflow

    Sounds good, I think I will just go over some of the tutorials instead for the basics of it. I didn't really have anything specific in mind, there are some CFD libraries though that I guess could be considered. --Ronnie
  9. Realflow

    I'm trying to find out how often realflow is used in high end effects solutions in film. I've seen some nice effects come out of it but am a bit hesitant as to whether I should spend the time in learning it in depth over learning another simulation solution. Any thoughts and information welcomed. --Ronnie
  10. Happy B-Day deecue!!

    Have a great one --Ronnie
  11. Houdini Demoreel

    You can find one here: http://www.vislab.usyd.edu.au/sidefx/cd2_5...reel/index.html --Ronnie
  12. Challenge: Helical cable

    Here's my simple solution ;p --Ronnie helicalcable_challenge.zip
  13. Silly Challenge no. 2

    Here's mine. Some trig. also
  14. Happy Birthday mir!

    Best wishes --Ronnie
  15. Challenge: condensation trails

    My solution doesnt use the trail SOP POPs/SOPs --Ronnie