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  1. Happy Birthday Valerie

    Am I too late? Happy b-day val!
  2. PSCALE expression

    Try placing two property ops and initialize the scale in the first one with the correct number you need and then in the second property op you could reduce the scale of each particle over its life with this expression: $PSCALE - ($PSCALE*$LIFE) If you want to start the scaling at a certain age and not from the start you could replace the $LIFE in the expression with a smooth function. This will start to scale the particles down when they've reached 70% of their lifespan: $PSCALE - ($PSCALE*smooth($AGE, .7,$LIFESPAN)) Hope this is what you were looking for --Ronnie smooth_interp.zip
  3. Previewing Particle/Effect Radius

    You might want to try instancing spheres instead to save some cpu. --Ronnie
  4. Need help with rope

    You can try the interact op. ;p --Ronnie
  5. Where's The UsualAlex?

    Rofl! Cant you make one in houdini? We should make a community "she" model. Everyone can add their own touches and it'll go around. lol.... --Ronnie
  6. How's my sand wall so far?

    nothing at all. lol. It was mainly to move my skills over from maya to houdini. --Ronnie
  7. How's my sand wall so far?

    Here's a better resolution of it. http://megaplex.hypermart.net/houdini/dese..._video_high.wmv
  8. How's my sand wall so far?

    Thanks for the comments. I'm trying to do it mummy like. I have a face I'm still putting inside it. --Ronnie
  9. Bowling ball rbd

    I got the same
  10. Houdini 6.1 Apprentice Available

    Oohh! Does sidefx release a changelog anywhere? --Ronnie
  11. How's my sand wall so far?

    Hope you like it I worked on the blending as much as I could but I had to finish it early for my project. I still have a face I'm going to put in the sand. If you guys at odforce can host the good quality larger res version that'd be real nice I'm gonna render out the breakdown shots and put it all together nicely. It's in windows media format. (sorry I know) I'm buying a hosting service in a couple days so this < 1mb file will have to do. >>>>>>>>>> I posted a higher res version further down the thread <<<<<<<<<<<
  12. 3D Buzz Houdini Class Closed

    !! Bring the effects challenges back!
  13. Double Birthday !!!

    and a happy b-day from me as well
  14. How's my sand wall so far?

    Well, my biggest so far is 26.5 mb and my smallest is 14.7 mb. I've got a good 68 frames left. 300 total. --Ronnie
  15. How's my sand wall so far?

    putting up a QT here is for sure! It'll be my first work in houdini. First time using it was in the hotel during siggraph right after the sidefx meeting.
  16. How's my sand wall so far?

    Thanks for the comments. The i3d texture takes about 3-4 min at 128. 256 it takes about 15-20 min. I've started to do 300 frames of the sand cloud this morning. Hope it looks good at the end. I agree with the blending issue. I'm pretty sure I can do some nice tricks in compositing for it since it's only visible to that extent when the cloud rolls down the hill. When its on the ground and going at the camera the edge is covered quite well with the bumps in the sand. When it's traveling along the ground the particles start moving back and they come over like a wave and then back over so it's like the sand is being pulled off the ground. I've got to add a lot of detail to the ground like sand layer that's blowing over the surface and make a good shader for it. That's a default dent in the vex builder without any special ops. I've got till next week to finish this and the i3d textures are gonna kill my machines for a couple days. --Ronnie
  17. Potential Houdini'er

    You can do this to a certain extent in Maya with the getAttr command. I found some irritating bugs with it in version 4.5 on some particle work but it seemed to work "ok" in 5.0. Houdini does it much better I know one thing that opened my eyes about Houdini and that was the per particle rotations. Particles done have an axis in Maya from what I know. I like the new particle sliding feature on the collision pop, I know you can't do that in Maya without some nice scripting. --Ronnie
  18. How's my sand wall so far?

    I rendered this on my linux box at 256 cubed res. Looks much better I'll definately be doing it at least with this res. --Ronnie
  19. Today's CG Channel Feature Story!

    Now that you've got "echo" down pretty well. Echo the Coliseum
  20. Happy Birthday Szymon

    Happy B-Day I loved your reel by the way. --Ronnie
  21. Today's CG Channel Feature Story!

    That's the funniest thing I have ever seen! lmao. Turn it into a tutorial.
  22. i3d Motion Blur

    Hey all, I'm wondering how I would add motion blur to my i3d rendered particles. Thanks
  23. Today's CG Channel Feature Story!

    It was a close one
  24. Today's CG Channel Feature Story!

    Haha, 5? I think I'm stickin with houdini wind.hipnc
  25. Siggraph Shmiggraph!

    rofl. I'm in florida for this month if that helps.