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  1. How's my sand wall so far?

    Hey all. I started this yesterday night. Tell me what you think. I used i3d and I could only do 128 cubic resolution on the 3d textures. I hope I can do 196 or higher with my linux boxes. I got a nice yelling face model from a friend. Gonna try to put it in the sand wall like the mummy. tips and comments! Thanks --Ronnie -------------------- Progress so far: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://megaplex.hypermart.net/houdini/dese..._video_high.wmv <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  2. E3- anyone?

    Any of you play halo online? I say we have a war this weekend perhaps....
  3. Happy Birthday Marc and Xiangbuilder

    Have a great bday while you can --Ronnie
  4. We are back on the air pe...op....le

    whoops, forgot to login again. I claim the above post --Ronnie
  5. Lorenz Attractor

    I remember that from a screensaver in linux. --Ronnie
  6. Happy Birthday Jason

    Happy B-day! Enjoy the sushi. lol --Ronnie
  7. Happy Bitrhday Childpark

    Happy B-Day --Ronnie
  8. You will need a realflow SD(Scene Description) file exporter for houdini as you would in other packages. If you do a search on here you should come across one someone has posted on here. As far as I know it comes in the form of a SOP. good luck --Ronnie
  9. Realflow

    I'm trying to find out how often realflow is used in high end effects solutions in film. I've seen some nice effects come out of it but am a bit hesitant as to whether I should spend the time in learning it in depth over learning another simulation solution. Any thoughts and information welcomed. --Ronnie
  10. Realflow

    Sounds good, I think I will just go over some of the tutorials instead for the basics of it. I didn't really have anything specific in mind, there are some CFD libraries though that I guess could be considered. --Ronnie
  11. Happy B-Day deecue!!

    Have a great one --Ronnie
  12. Houdini Demoreel

    You can find one here: http://www.vislab.usyd.edu.au/sidefx/cd2_5...reel/index.html --Ronnie
  13. Challenge: Helical cable

    Here's my simple solution ;p --Ronnie helicalcable_challenge.zip
  14. Silly Challenge no. 2

    Here's mine. Some trig. also
  15. Happy Birthday mir!

    Best wishes --Ronnie
  16. Challenge: condensation trails

    My solution doesnt use the trail SOP POPs/SOPs --Ronnie
  17. Challenge: condensation trails

    Here ya go ;p Excuse the horrible gif. Tried to keep it small.
  18. VEX emacs mode

    You know, i'm curious. I'd love to see a poll on here on the different editors. --Ronnie
  19. VEX emacs mode

    Emacs! Noooooo! vi > * --Ronnie
  20. Happy birthday arctor!

    Happy Birthday
  21. Happy Birthday Red4Kat

    Enjoy~! Happy B-day --Ronnie
  22. Challenge: Helical cable

    Here's mine SOPs and expressions. Plenty of attributes added to control almost any aspect of the look. --Ronnie
  23. How's my sand wall so far?

    I've definitely looked at those tutorials and wanted to use those to start with for this project. I didnt have the time i needed to use them at first but now for the face it's definitely an option. I also cant wait for the colour addition. *hint hint* The shader I chose for the wall so far is a regular fog shader with noise attributes tweaked. Had to use 256^3 i3d textures to get it to look somewhat noticeable. I'd love to see it at 512^3 but I forgot I dont own a super computer. Anyways, when I get the face in I'm going to redo the shaders for the entire thing so they are a whole. Would solve quite a few of the blending issues. --Ronnie
  24. How's my sand wall so far?

    Thanks They are all particles. The metaballs are created by the i3d ops and rendered with the meta cloud. The limit on my windows box was cause of my systems resources. Not a limit on the OS, I found linux to be much quicker and more efficient when generating the i3d files. --Ronnie
  25. Happy Birthday miguel m

    Happy b-day