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  1. Xeon 3175

    On paper the latency is worse on the Xeon Scalable Processor platform compared to the high core count Threadripper models. Memory bandwidth is a completely different story though. From what I've seen the memory bandwidth on the Threadripper is problematic but the latency isn't so much. Both platforms are very capable and are amazing tools. It comes down to priorities and budgets.
  2. Xeon 3175

    I used these for workstations. I've built many machines using Supermicro hardware and I've never been disappointed. https://www.supermicro.com/products/system/4U/7049/SYS-7049A-T.cfm The Xeon Gold 6154 might not be the best option for everyone but it's definitely a good option. The main advantage for me is the number of memory slots (bandwidth and capacity). The Xeon W-3175X says the maximum memory is 512GB but that's only if you use insanely priced memory modules. You can get 512GB of memory for 1/4 of the price when you have twice as many memory slots to work with. Plus more memory bandwidth, more cache, more PCI Express lanes, all the other stuff that comes with dual sockets.
  3. Use a portion of $HIPNAME in ROP

    A consistent and user friendly way of doing it would be to add something to the $HSITE launch scripts (123.py, 456.py) where it takes the scene file name and creates a new variable like $HIPBASE that excludes the version number. Then use that variable in the file name rather than screwing around with expressions on the parameter.
  4. Xeon 3175

    The Xeon Gold 6154 processors offer good value despite the relatively high cost. In a dual processor configurations they offer 36 cores at 3.0GHz and have more PCI Express lanes, more memory slots, and lower TDP per processor compared to the Xeon W-3175X. I recently built some machines using the Xeon Gold 6154 processors and I'm happy with them. The Xeon W-3175X could be a compelling option if the price is right and the memory limitations are not a show stopper for whatever you're working on. I was really interested in the EPYC processors but I wasn't able to find them in sufficient quantities to be able to actually deploy them. Either there's not that many of them out there or the demand is so high they get snatched up right away.
  5. Pyro OpenCL vs CPU - Why do the sims differ?

    Have you reached out to support? This sounds like something they should know about (if they don't already). It affects how the product works in a way that Houdini users wouldn't expect.
  6. hq sim and otls

    It sounds like you're trying to use a digital asset on the render farm. If so the machines need to be able to find that digital asset.
  7. The benchmark results I've seen are underwhelming. I'm sure in time the other features like ray tracing will be better utilized but for now the new cards seem like pretty crap deals. My guess is it'll be a year or more before the ray tracing features start showing up in software in a meaningful way.
  8. How much RAM is too much ?

    Swap and virtual memory are not a replacement for memory. All they'll do is prevent a hard crash when the machine runs out of physical memory. Relying on swap and virtual memory to get processing done is tedious at best. Something that should take an hour could take days and days.
  9. Render from Command-line / IFD / whaaaaaaa...?

    This doesn't sound at all like what this thread was about. Starting a new thread would be better. I would resolve the network issues before doing anything else. Even if you can kludge your way around one issue it's going to be a problem down the road for something else until you eventually fix it so just do it now. My guess is either the firewall is blocking the traffic or the proxy settings are incorrect and it's trying to resolve the HQueue host via the proxy rather than the local network.
  10. New PC only for Houdini

    What is your budget? Without knowing the full context it's hard to make recommendations that are meaningful.
  11. What you're describing is an unpaid internship. This is sometimes frowned upon but not always. See the document below, it's a good reference for determining whether or not an internship should be paid. https://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs71.htm It depends a lot on how skilled the intern is. If they're highly skilled then an unpaid internship is inappropriate. If they're not very skilled then an unpaid internship might be appropriate. Too often in this industry highly skilled students and recent graduates work unpaid internships when they really should be paid for the work they're doing (this is bad for the intern and it sets a bad precedent for everyone following them).
  12. need advice on PC components upgrade for Houdini

    By far the processor does more work than the GPU for a typical user. Only a few things heavily use the GPU like the viewport and some simulations. I wouldn't bother upgrading to another quad core on the same platform. I also wouldn't bother upgrading only the GPU on the existing system.
  13. refraction gets darker with motion blur

    Upload the scene file so we can see exactly what's going on?
  14. Real time ray tracing & Nvidia's new RTX architecture

    Here's the actual stream instead of some YouTube hack job screen capture. https://www.ustream.tv/nvidia
  15. Visual Effects Salaries vs Education Cost?

    Zombie thread. Check the date.