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  1. Best Linux district for Houdini VFX

    If you're using Maya then you're limited to RHEL 7 or CentOS 7 for now. They're not great... https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/maya/learn-explore/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/System-requirements-for-Autodesk-Maya-2020.html There are ways to install it on other distributions but if you're new to Linux, I don't recommend going down that road as an introduction to Linux. If you drop Maya from that list then you have a lot more options like Ubuntu and any Ubuntu derivatives like Linux Mint. I would go with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or 20.04 LTS assuming there's no Maya.
  2. Houdini Mac user population

    I started out my computing days with Mac OS 6 if I recall correctly. Had various Mac computers at home up until the G4. At work I used Mac in various places up to an including the garbage can which was a joke of a workstation. I haven't used Houdini on a Mac since the cheese grater days (circa 2012). Given the choice today I'd go with a Windows (or dual boot with Linux) workstation over a Mac. Any Mac option simply isn't cost effective for 3D work anymore. They were somewhat in the cheese grater days but definitely not today.
  3. Studio Workstation

    Boooooooo, get off the stage. High end air coolers are just as good (some are actually better) and when they fail there's no collateral damage.
  4. Houdini Pyro Division Size parameter animation

    You could resample an existing cache like that but I think it would be a lot of work (probably not worthwhile) to simulate something in that fashion.
  5. Mac Pro with limited funds

    It's not my fault Apple doesn't sell parts to build one. That doesn't mean the rest of us have to pay through the nose though. Me too. Since System Software 6 to macOS. I've been burned enough times by Apple to know better at this point. I can see the secondary uses and lighter duty processing but as a primary 3D workstation? Pass.
  6. Mac Pro with limited funds

    If you must use a Mac then I'd get the base model and upgrade the CPU and memory. If you're not comfortable with upgrading the CPU then I would buy that from Apple. The memory and GPU upgrade prices from Apple are a joke. You might consider buying something like a Mac Mini for macOS specific tasks and then building or buying another machine. It would be faster than a Mac Pro for 3D work and still cheaper after buying two separate machines. The longer you do 3D work on Apple the more your work will suffer. If you can do more iterations in the same amount of time then your work will improve faster. It's not about this platform or that platform is better. It's about optimizing your time and improving your work. Better hardware is essential for that. Don't kid yourself into thinking the raw performance isn't a big factor because it is. https://www.wiredzone.com/shop/product/41110244-supermicro-sys-7049a-t-tower-barebone-dual-processor-7056?search=7049A-T+ https://www.wiredzone.com/shop/product/10030030-intel-cd8069504213901-xeon-silver-4216-2-10ghz-16-core-processor-gen-2-4033?search=xeon+silver+42 https://www.wiredzone.com/shop/product/41110434-supermicro-mem-dr432l-cl01-er26-memory-32gb-ddr4-2666mhz-rdimm-3299?search=supermicro+32gb+ecc+ddr4 https://www.wiredzone.com/shop/product/41113212-samsung-mz-v7e2t0bw-hard-drive-ssd-2tb-pcie-3-0-nvme-m-2-970-evo-2075 https://www.wiredzone.com/shop/product/10030198-seagate-st16000nm001g-hard-drive-16tb-sata-6gb-s-7-2k-rpm-3-5in-2471?search=16tb https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/graphics-cards/rtx-2080-super/ Food for thought. That's a build for a machine with 32 cores (64 threads) at 2.1GHz with 3.2GHz turbo, 512GB of ECC memory, 2TB NVMe SSD, 64TB of HDD storage, and a Nvidia RTX 2080 Super. It would be under $9K including Windows or you could throw Linux on there. It's faster and better than the Mac Pro in every way by a long shot. If you didn't want the HDD storage you could get two video cards, or add more memory, or upgrade the processors.
  7. Mac Pro with limited funds

    The 2019 Mac Pro is an utterly terrible computer for 3D workflows no matter how you spin it. As was the 2013 Mac Pro. Apple hasn't had a serious contender in the workstation market for over a decade. You can do your own research but this video sums it up pretty well.
  8. Run Python script after Houdini starts

    You could have a script that launches RPC and then do whatever via RPC. Depending on what you're trying to do this might be overkill/cumbersome. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/rpc.html
  9. Hqueue Configuration with NAS nightmare

    Last time I used HQueue years ago it was a hot mess. I'm sure you could get it working but I'm not sure it's worth the effort. If you have only 2 clients you might try Deadline. It's free for up to 2 clients. After that it's $48 per client per year.
  10. Best Linux Distribution for Houdini ?

    That's not why people use Linux. As an individual user there are few benefits like more privacy, more control, and less bloat-ware. For a studio there are many benefits related to scalability and flexibility that Windows either can't do or does terribly at like... Hugely scalable and high performance parallel file systems like Lustre and Gluster Powerful configuration management tools like Salt, Puppet, Chef, and Ansible Integrated support for enterprise hardware like high speed network adapters and disk controllers No silly artificial hardware limitations on the number of processor sockets or quantity of memory Full control over any aspect of the operating system like automatic updates and desktop interfaces Ability to automate just about anything that happens on the machine I'm not saying people shouldn't run Linux as an individual. There are lots of good reasons to run Linux as an individual. Just saying that it's not faster.
  11. Fedora vs. Centos

    Fedora will have more modern features. CentOS will have many years of support and more stable but older features. If you don't want to be updating your operating system every six months then use CentOS. If you don't mind the tinkering every six months and want the latest features then use Fedora. Why does RPM matter? Autodesk software? If that's the case then CentOS 7 will be your only option for now. Maya 2020 which just came out doesn't support CentOS 8 and they dropped support for Fedora entirely. I'm amazed that people still use Maya.
  12. Limit total smoke

    Key the scale on the source from whatever down to zero.
  13. How to import open vector of ai to Houdini?

    Zombie thread alert. I figured I'd share this solution for folks that come across this thread in the future years later like I did. The Ends SOP node can be used to delete the loop so the curves are open instead of closed. Set the Close U parameter to Open and it should work.
  14. Best Value/Time HDA, ever! :D (Studio Clipboard)

    Another way is to send someone the copy and paste buffer file. Each network type has it's own copy and paste buffer file on disk whenever you copy something in Houdini. They can be emailed or put on network shares or whatever.
  15. Yes, the camera has cropping options called "Screen Window" and there are several parameters to control it. Depending on what queue manager you use, there might be something there too. For example Jigsaw that's part of Thinkbox Deadline.