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  1. Limit total smoke

    Key the scale on the source from whatever down to zero.
  2. How to import open vector of ai to Houdini?

    Zombie thread alert. I figured I'd share this solution for folks that come across this thread in the future years later like I did. The Ends SOP node can be used to delete the loop so the curves are open instead of closed. Set the Close U parameter to Open and it should work.
  3. Best Value/Time HDA, ever! :D (Studio Clipboard)

    Another way is to send someone the copy and paste buffer file. Each network type has it's own copy and paste buffer file on disk whenever you copy something in Houdini. They can be emailed or put on network shares or whatever.
  4. Yes, the camera has cropping options called "Screen Window" and there are several parameters to control it. Depending on what queue manager you use, there might be something there too. For example Jigsaw that's part of Thinkbox Deadline.
  5. Avoid too heavy FLIP pull effect

    FLIP doesn't preserve volume. Adjust the separation parameters on the solver like the separation scale to get what you're looking for. Other solvers like SPH do preserve volume but SPH is slower.
  6. Sierpiński triangle with VEX

    I haven't tried in VEX but I gave it a go a while back in Python. The scene file is attached. fractal_v001.zip
  7. Lockheed Martin (Suffolk, VA)

    Bumping this post because one of the positions is still open.
  8. Lockheed Martin (Suffolk, VA)

    There are two positions at Lockheed Martin available in Suffolk, VA. Both are full time positions and on site. I'm posting here because Houdini experience is a huge plus. I'm not the hiring manager but I can answer questions. https://www.lockheedmartinjobs.com/job/suffolk/multimedia-design-engineer-suffolk-va/694/10916693 https://www.lockheedmartinjobs.com/job/suffolk/multimedia-design-engineer-suffolk-va/694/10916704 The facility is very nice and so are the people who work there. They have some information about the facility on the website. https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/capabilities/research-labs/center-for-innovation.html This video shows the kind of work the team does but take this with a grain of salt because it's from projects that are five years old or more. Unfortunately the cool stuff isn't public but I assure you there's cool stuff to work on!
  9. HQueue Substep caching of geometry NOT WORKING

    I would examine the reasons why you think you need sub-frame caching at the SOP level. This is almost never practical. HQueue can cache out DOP stuff or SOP stuff or any ROP node for that matter. Time Shift node will absolutely work to cache out sub-frame data with integer frame numbers so it works with HQueue.
  10. HQueue Substep caching of geometry NOT WORKING

    Another option if you must cache it out at the SOP level for some reason is to use a Time Shift SOP, cache it out, then shift it back. The frames would still be integers but they'd be whatever fraction of the actual time.
  11. HQueue Substep caching of geometry NOT WORKING

    You can do $SF in the DOP. Don't cache it out at the SOP level.
  12. Caching substeps via HQUEUE

    Cache out at the DOP level and use $SF for the frame number in the file name. Submit that ROP in the DOP to the farm. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/dop/rop_dop.html This isn't unique to HQueue. Any queue manager can do the same.
  13. Trying to learn Vex. Major differences from typical OOP?

    What are you wanting to do with VEX? What is your goal? I'm guessing you're new to Houdini so there might be better ways to accomplish your goal depending on what it is.
  14. Compiled Block Nodes Usage

    I'm using them to spawn millions and millions of instances for large environments. Without the compile blocks it takes much longer (like half an hour versus a minute or two).
  15. Open CL error

    You're not using the same operating system or hardware as the original poster and this thread is four years old. Please don't do this. Open a new thread.
  16. Python Install locations in OSX and Linux

    Houdini uses it's own version of Python installed along with the application.
  17. consistent file cache issues...

    Change the OpenCL device to the CPU and try again. Also what hardware are you using?
  18. MSI GL63 8SE laptop

    Assuming you're not using anything that relies on the older version of Qt, I'd try updating the video card drivers (downloaded directly from Nvidia) and update Windows. If that doesn't change anything then maybe try a vanilla install of Windows instead of the manufacturer provided Windows. If you're using something that relies on the older version of Qt then continue with the version of Houdini, with legacy Qt support, that works.
  19. Building a beast Houdini + Redshift mainly

    I don't trust products from ASRock but otherwise I think that's a decent plan. I had a server board from ASRock die three times for the same reason. They replaced it twice under warranty and the third time it was out of warranty (replaced it with a different brand board). That was my first and last board from ASRock.
  20. Pyro renders taking way too long

    Rendering volumes with physically based lighting and shading is incredibly expensive. If you need fast render times then consider deep shadow maps instead of ray tracing for the lighting.
  21. Building a beast Houdini + Redshift mainly

    Threadripper is a great option if you don't need a ton of memory (128 gigabytes or less).
  22. Building a beast Houdini + Redshift mainly

    That's less relevant these days because of the "turbo" mode modern processors have. I used to work on workstations with the Xeon E5-2630 v4 and they would regularly hit 3.5GHz for single threaded tasks. The listed "turbo" is 3.1GHz but it would go well above that with sufficient cooling. Either way I wouldn't go with those processors because they're old but the base frequency isn't an issue.
  23. Building a beast Houdini + Redshift mainly

    I wouldn't use hardware from two generations back. If you're fine with older hardware like that then just buy used at this point.
  24. CloseUp, HiRes Pyro/Smoke renders

    If you're going for wispy smoke (like cigarette smoke) then advect many particles through the simulation and render those. The solver isn't good at retaining details for wispy smoke. If you search the forum there are a couple of examples for doing this. If you're not going for wispy smoke maybe you can share what look you're trying to obtain?
  25. GPU in Houdini

    Yes. In the case of Houdini, like Pyro, it doesn't use multiple OpenCL devices but in theory it could. Probably easier said than done. You could develop your own tools that use multiple GPU (nontrivial and would need appropriate skills to accomplish). No idea about NVLink and OpenCL memory. I would assume the answer is no until someone shows it working with Houdini. Maybe email support? I wouldn't be surprised if someone at SESI has tested this scenario out.