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  1. Pyro OpenCL vs CPU - Why do the sims differ?

    Have you reached out to support? This sounds like something they should know about (if they don't already). It affects how the product works in a way that Houdini users wouldn't expect.
  2. hq sim and otls

    It sounds like you're trying to use a digital asset on the render farm. If so the machines need to be able to find that digital asset.
  3. The benchmark results I've seen are underwhelming. I'm sure in time the other features like ray tracing will be better utilized but for now the new cards seem like pretty crap deals. My guess is it'll be a year or more before the ray tracing features start showing up in software in a meaningful way.
  4. How much RAM is too much ?

    Swap and virtual memory are not a replacement for memory. All they'll do is prevent a hard crash when the machine runs out of physical memory. Relying on swap and virtual memory to get processing done is tedious at best. Something that should take an hour could take days and days.
  5. Render from Command-line / IFD / whaaaaaaa...?

    This doesn't sound at all like what this thread was about. Starting a new thread would be better. I would resolve the network issues before doing anything else. Even if you can kludge your way around one issue it's going to be a problem down the road for something else until you eventually fix it so just do it now. My guess is either the firewall is blocking the traffic or the proxy settings are incorrect and it's trying to resolve the HQueue host via the proxy rather than the local network.
  6. New PC only for Houdini

    What is your budget? Without knowing the full context it's hard to make recommendations that are meaningful.
  7. What you're describing is an unpaid internship. This is sometimes frowned upon but not always. See the document below, it's a good reference for determining whether or not an internship should be paid. https://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs71.htm It depends a lot on how skilled the intern is. If they're highly skilled then an unpaid internship is inappropriate. If they're not very skilled then an unpaid internship might be appropriate. Too often in this industry highly skilled students and recent graduates work unpaid internships when they really should be paid for the work they're doing (this is bad for the intern and it sets a bad precedent for everyone following them).
  8. need advice on PC components upgrade for Houdini

    By far the processor does more work than the GPU for a typical user. Only a few things heavily use the GPU like the viewport and some simulations. I wouldn't bother upgrading to another quad core on the same platform. I also wouldn't bother upgrading only the GPU on the existing system.
  9. refraction gets darker with motion blur

    Upload the scene file so we can see exactly what's going on?
  10. Real time ray tracing & Nvidia's new RTX architecture

    Here's the actual stream instead of some YouTube hack job screen capture. https://www.ustream.tv/nvidia
  11. Visual Effects Salaries vs Education Cost?

    Zombie thread. Check the date.
  12. PolyWire Topology

    It looks like the triangles are used in places where the quads wouldn't be coplanar. Not sure how to work around that but there seems to be some method to the madness.
  13. Use hscript to set linux variable

    Setting an environment variable applies only to the existing shell process and nothing else. What are you trying to do in the bigger picture that needs this?
  14. raise hou.NodeWarning() on Parent Node

    Maybe I'm approaching this problem from the wrong angle but I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to do this. I have a Python SOP inside of a digital asset. I'd like to push warnings from that Python SOP to the parent node so the artist can see the warnings at the top level of the digital asset rather than having them buried. The Houdini documentation suggests doing this which works on the Python SOP itself. raise hou.NodeError("Invalid parameter settings") How do I do something similar on the parent node (or potentially any random node)? I was looking for something like a generic node way to set a warning but I'm not finding it. How would you solve this? Thank you!
  15. How much RAM is too much ?

    No. Linux and Houdini (assuming x86-64) can both handle more memory than any computer available for purchase right now. Memory isn't a problem until you run out of it. If you don't ever run out of memory then upgrading it won't help anything. If you run out of memory sometimes then upgrading it might be a good idea. Look at a resource monitor while you work to get an idea of how much memory is being used for various tasks. Simulations.
  16. workflow for a multi GPU system and redshift renders

    I would go with a single GTX 1080 Ti over two GTX 1070 Ti cards for several reasons. The single GTX 1080 Ti will have more memory (memory from multiple cards doesn't add up). The single GTX 1080 Ti will use less power and generate less heat (250 watts versus 360 watts). The resale value of the single GTX 1080 Ti will be higher. Redshift can be configured to use one GPU, all of the GPU, or any combination of GPU in the machine. Same goes for using Redshift through a queue manager like Deadline. SLI doesn't matter because Redshift is talking directly to each GPU. Most of this stuff is covered by their FAQ. https://www.redshift3d.com/support/faq
  17. HTTPS for ODforce.net?

    It looks like it's working properly now. Thank you for doing this!
  18. HTTPS for ODforce.net?

    It's "working" but I'm getting some errors in Firefox like "this website does not supply ownership information" and a warning that images are not served via HTTPS.
  19. Every processor is slightly different even within the same model line. Some come out better than others so there's no guarantee when it comes to overclocking. The guarantee you're buying is that the processor will run at the clock speed on the box.
  20. Try turning off overclocking completely and see if the system is stable. If the system is overclocked it's near impossible to get meaningful troubleshooting information because the overclocking itself might be the issue.
  21. Cannot see second HD inside Houdini

    It's likely a permissions issue. Does the user running Houdini also own the drive/directories? Is it a Linux native file system?
  22. Building a new station

    CUDA is a proprietary platform from Nvidia. There's an open source and free alternative called OpenCL which is what Houdini uses for things like Pyro and FLIP simulations among other things. You're right though, if CUDA is needed then Nvidia is the only option.
  23. Building a new station

    Are you sure you bought a Threadripper? They aren't that cheap.
  24. Help with Building my PC

    Processors marketed towards professional users like Xeon Scalable Processors and AMD Epyc are much more capable than their gaming and consumer targeted cousins. They offer things like... Multiple processor configuration options like dual and quad socket for machines with many processor cores More memory slots and more memory channels (maximum of 64-128GB of memory vs 2-3TB of memory) More PCI Express lanes for IO heavy devices like multiple GPU, storage controllers, NVMe, 10/40/100Gb networking (28-44 lanes vs 96-128 lanes) ECC memory and NVDIMM ready For some folks these features are absolutely necessary and the show stops without them. Other times it doesn't matter and the hardware is overkill. Since your original post is asking about a $2,000 processor I figured you were looking at higher end workstation hardware already. If the projects you're working on for the foreseeable future can live within 128GB of memory then an AMD Ryzen processor is a decent option. The Core i9 is decent as well but the AMD Ryzen will offer more bang for the buck. If you think you'll need more than 128GB of memory or you want some of the features listed above then consider server and workstation hardware. The higher end hardware costs more per unit of performance but it's worth it (or absolutely required) in some cases.
  25. Help with Building my PC

    That's a previous generation processor model. Unless you're getting a really good deal on it I'd pass and go with current generation models (Xeon Scalable Processors). The Core i9 series is limited to 128GB of memory which isn't enough for heavier scenes and simulations and it's limited to a single processor configurations. It's cheaper but I don't think the value is any better given the limitations. The i9 series is a good fit for some uses and not for others. Everything should have ECC memory and it's unfortunate that so many devices don't. It's marginally more expensive but it provides huge benefits. This blog post from James Hamilton sums it up much better than I could in a forum post (he's a Vice President and Distinguished Engineer on the Amazon Web Services team). https://perspectives.mvdirona.com/2009/10/you-really-do-need-ecc-memory/