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  1. $pt

    Yeah! Thanks
  2. $pt

    Hey, how can i stop dying particles to affect $PT of the rest of the living particles. Let's say that i stamped various things to pop network via copy sop and switch sop, using $PT as a reference for rand. It worked fine untill the first particle dies. Then I guess $PT of every other living particles changes and that affects what switch sop gives copy sop for stamping. Thank in advance, and sorry about any language errors. Aleksa
  3. The typical GeForce vs Radeon question

    Well I have a 9800pro radeon and it works fantastic. Not to mention the TUX racer. I even have a feeling that under RH 9 linux card works better than under windoze, but that very well may be because Houdini works better under linux. I've done some test under linux in dual head mode and again it was fine. Only problem is with hardware limitation that for full working dual head mode you can't go higher than 2x1024 in resolution because ati has blocked double buffering for resolutions 2x1280 and higher just to force us to buy firegl. And if you are in hardware hacking mood there is a way to turn this card into firegl that can do doublebuffered 2x1280 or higher. You must patch something on the card, replace the bios with the firegl bios and you have firegl. Drivers have an easiest instalation i have seen among all devices that need a driver not included in distribution - meaning that for instance you dont have to compile anything. You just install rpm, run fglconfig and startx. You even have a small graphical utility that you can use for switching single/dual screen and various modes. As for Mandrake, drivers are not compatible but that was never a problem for me. Mandrake was always too much winlike user friendly and I had a feeling i'm out of control of what's going on in os. Now, with this rh/fedora problem many users will think again about Mandrake (i know i am) and there is more than few of us rh users with ati's so i expect mandrake will soon solve the problem with drivers. I expect that because as i recall the problem with drivers was something stupid like: drivers expect to find some configurational files during installation that red hat calles "redhatsomething". Maybe problem is bigger but I'm sure they will solve it. Because of the money of course.
  4. Mandrake 9.1

    Yeah, I have an ATi so you guys were right, I'm sticking with RH9 (I hope LD_ASSUME_KERNEL variable will not be necesary with H6.1). Anyhow, thanks for your answers.
  5. Mandrake 9.1

    Has anyone had some expirience with Mandrake 9.1 and Houdini.
  6. Hyperthreading

    Thanks, man. I see now, - n is a great option - you can render on one CPU and do something else on rest.
  7. Hyperthreading

    Is H using Hyperthreading. I get only 50% CPU usage during mantra render on a PIV 2.4 GHz.
  8. Softbody question

    Thanks, man.
  9. Softbody question

    I learned how to wrap some object (in my case grid object) around other object using softbody pop and collision pop. But what happens when I want this to happen overtime while the second object is moving ? It seem that softbody uses properties of second object only from time of activation. I want to use this lets say to put sheet over character to form a ghost. How to do this? Is that possible ?