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  1. soft method for go to Intercept mode

    Same question, Any solution ? May be HDK ?
  2. BulletSOP 2.0.14

    Hello Milan, please any news about compiled version for h14(windows) ?
  3. hello all plz, i have a /out/comp1 node, and /out/comp2net network composition node in my scene when i start render (from comp node) i want get detailed info about compositing render progress (what compositing process was doing in moment, what node in network rendering now and etc) and print this info to console (or anyway other) there a possibility ?
  4. Plz! Im writing small render manager utility. Q: How i can get information about render process (% complete and etc) from mantra node to standalone python appliction. (if possible small code example. I am not very familiar with Houdini yet) thnx