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  1. Hey! Sorry I didn't realize I had not responded to this. Grasshopper, yes I'm aware I can create my own source points to use with the whitewater solver, but it was designed to be used with a FLIP sim. I was asking about what Scott Keating suggested was a new feature in the linked video - using the whitewater solver with only an ocean spectrum. The shelf tool does not let you create the whitewater nodes unless you have a dynamic fluid node selected. Just checked the python lib that the shelf button runs, it still seems to expect a fluid node only in 17.5. DANjustYEAH, nope, still no idea how to make this work as suggested in the video and no response yet from someone that knows whether this is a thing or not.
  2. I posted about this on the sidefx.com forums and got no response. This is about a feature that SESI has shown and discussed in the Houdini 17 Launch Presentation video. I'll link to the original post and copy it below. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/61375/ "In the Houdini 17 Launch Presentation video https://vimeo.com/293116223 [vimeo.com] at around 1:20:00, Scott Keating briefly shows and mentions using the whitewater solver for spray and foam with only a deformed ocean surface (no underlying FLIP sim needed). I can't seem to find anything on how to actually do this in Houdini 17. The whitewater nodes and shelf tool still expect a FLIP sim. Can anyone point to what I am missing?" Anyone know how to do this? Or at least can confirm that this feature is missing? It'd be great to know either way. Thanks!
  3. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Fair enough. I've started a thread over on the Renderman forums asking for actual data, hopefully someone will chime in. Money burning a hole in my pocket!
  4. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    @einhander , If you're on the Renderman forums, there is a thread with comments regarding Threadripper and a suggestion that it may be slower with the vectorized OSL once Renderman 22 is released. That said the comments aren't necessarily relevant to the current 21 release...but perhaps it is related. Threadripper's performance in Renderman is a partial deal maker (or breaker) for me. Here's the thread, look for the posts by plp (Phillippe): https://renderman.pixar.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=35685&highlight=threadripper
  5. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Very interesting results in that spreadsheet. It was clear that TR would win in rendering but I was not expecting to see TR come out ahead in the longer Pyro/Grain tests yet tying with FLIP. And not all that much extra performance brought by overclocking, considering the power/heat/hassle required, esp on the 7900x. Really appreciate the time and effort from everyone running these tests and making that spreadsheet! So hard to find data like this anywhere else. Still waffling over which CPU to go with (and monitor - separate discussion lol).
  6. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Great to see these benches! Beatnutz (love the name, if it refers to the rap duo), that is very interesting regarding the ram speeds. Wonder if that is specific to Ryzen/TR. Correct me if I'm wrong but the results might be more indicative of performance if they were more intensive (i.e. longer times) like the boolean sphere test. I think 0:30, 1 min and 2 min tests are too close to the 'noise floor' so to speak, to be reliable. Yes, no? Anyone with a recent i7 (6850 or so) that can run these tests too? Would be great to see old i7, new i7, i9 and Threadripper stress tests specifically in Houdini.
  7. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Forgot to say, thanks for the info Marty and Atom! The AVX 512 Marty, quite interesting. I suppose at worst there'd be a speed hit if running on an AMD that doesn't have it. Victor stop drinking haterade! DaJuice please share your findings if you can! I haven't seen any benchmarks with Threadripper and Houdini as yet. malexander or anyone else, any idea what difference RAM speeds would have on most DCC apps? Say 2400mhz vs 3200mhz? The price dif is usually pretty significant, is it worth it? (I may have asked this question in another thread, but I don't remember a clear cut answer, so apologies for the repeat).
  8. I've been planning a higher end home system for awhile with an i7, but now we have i9 vs Threadripper. Official benchmarks are out today and it seems silly to consider Intel for a HEDT machine for content creation primarily (gaming secondary). For say, the i9 10 core vs the AMD 16 core, is this a no brainer? Are there any reasons why going with AMD at this point is a bad idea (besides slight edges in single core speed, etc)? I'm concerned that AMD may have unforeseen caveats in the future, e.g., something designed to take advantage of an exclusive Intel instruction set, etc. For a more concrete example, in this article about upcoming Renderman 22: http://www.cgchannel.com/2017/08/pixar-unveils-renderman-22-and-renderman-xpu/ ...it states "Other features due in RenderMan 22 include 'fast vectorized OSL shader network evaluation on Intel scalable-SIMD CPUs'," referring to the new Xeon Scalable CPUs. This may or may not be relevant as I am not considering a Xeon but is it possible that software from common vendors will simply not be supported by AMD? Thanks for any insights!
  9. Thanks for the replies rigelbowen and marty I was afraid Windows was still behind, but as long as its very usable and not crazily inefficient then I'll manage. I have see reviews describe the 6950X (and in fact all the Broadwells) as 4ghz at turbo, but only one of them is marketed as such. So the Turbo speed of all the chips hits 4 ghz despite some being labeled at 3.7, 3.6, 3.5 by Intel? As for RAM I imagine the timings and speed technically 'help' but the price/performance ratio seems to be huge. Just wondering if it's worth it. Game sites suggest that better timings are only for enthusiasts trying to bench. If there is no real world discernible difference then I'll skip that.
  10. Hi all, few Houdini hardware and other questions. If you have experience with Broadwell, 10 series GPUs, Redshift, etc please lend any insight if you can. I'm speccing a new desktop to replace my old and finicky Mac Pro 2008. I'm on Linux at work but I don't care to admin a Linux machine at home so I'm likely going with Windows despite not having used one in years. I'd like to avoid a dual boot if possible for other reasons (mostly hassle). Considering that and putting aside any feelings for Windows itself: 1a) Is Houdini 16 performance (RAM efficiency) still much worse on Windows 10 than it is on Linux? 1b) Any other caveats that just make Houdini (and CG in general) a horrible experience on Windows, that aren't just "Windows sucks"? Trying to decide between the i7 Broadwell chips. Leaning mostly to the 6850k but considering the 6900k and perhaps even the 6950X (can be had on ebay for $1500). 2a) Would general scene building in Houdini feel much different between the 3 Broadwell chips? Cores go up, clock speeds come down...is there a clear winner when processing typical node networks or sims? 2b) Is there any point to overclocking with Houdini? Would a minor speed boost be felt much? Is it safe for general use? What about for long uptimes? I plan on Redshift with a 10 series GPU or two, e.g. a 1080ti paired with a 1070 eventually. I know VRAM can't be summed and Houdini only supports one openCL device. 3a) Is there anything Houdini Redshift just doesn't do well and Mantra is needed for? 3b) H16 apparently has 'fully openCL supported pyro'. What does this mean IRL? Is pyro on the GPU *much* faster than CPU? Are collisions supported/accelerated? Are there any features not yet supported or negate the gains brought by a GPU openCL? 4) Does RAM speed/timings play much of a factor at all in Houdini? Thanks for any help, sorry for yet another set of hardware questions
  11. Houdini12 Flip Customize Resize

    Great, got it! Works perfectly, thanks a lot!
  12. Houdini12 Flip Customize Resize

    Hey Graham, that looks great! I'd love to look at that file, however your dropbox link is down for me. Is it still available?
  13. H12 goes beta!

    That's useful as well, but I think Stalkerx is referring to something even simpler...when any manipulator is selected, it can be dragged with MMB without actually needing to move your mouse over it and dragging. "viewplane" aligned is default, but you can also click on any handle to highlight it, and it can then be dragged from anywhere in the viewport with MMB. This is usually combined with the "gesture" based move, where you can SHIFT-MMB-drag in a direction, and the handle that pointing in that direction will be activated and moved, without having to actually "touch" the manipulator at all. For example, if the translate manip is displayed on a world aligned object, and you want to move the object in Y, you can SHIFT-MMB-drag "up" with your mouse from anywhere in the viewport, and the Y manip will become active and will move the object. Done multiple times in succession, this is very handy and makes layout tasks much faster. Be great to see these simple features in H12 or later.
  14. New autodesk product features announced...

    Exactly what I was thinking...as a Maya TD I'm not thrilled about the new stuff at all. They seem to be aimed at new people that want to make "neat animations" with as few clicks as possible. Not mad at that, but little has been added for pro users. Fluids is getting substantial updates, but all in the wrong areas. All the pioneering tools they had first are old, and all the bad stuff has not changed (instancer anyone?) Hoping that Houdini actually has what everyone is asking for...all it needs is loads of speed and interactivity to compete with the Fumes and Lagoas and Vrays out there. Rant over...back to lurking...
  15. Super Why! nominated for Emmy

    Well hot damn! I had no idea. Congrats to the all the Super Why peeps at C.O.R.E., my former crew! How's it going Mike? What episode you guys on now? Is Whyatt's ver number in the triple digits yet?