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  1. Fully agree that having a tool to create transitions is pretty handy. I made super simple one based on the shortest path, But can't live without it anymore. (probably should make this into a proper asset someday) Can use speed attribute to control the transitions speed, and can output an up vector if you want to use it for copies. It's not based on uv's / axis like Bens though. But hopefully it's helpful to get you started. TRANSITION_V01.otl Transition_Examples.hiplc
  2. Retime woes

    Yep! Easy to forget ^^^
  3. Retime woes

    I'm not sure but you might just need the timeshift node for retiming. If it's geo(not voxels): ChachedSim - Timeblend - timeshift. Than remove the Frame Expression and just keyframe it like an ordinary time remapper. If its voxels you have to adjust the timeblend node to blend the voxels inbetween frames.
  4. What do you mean by different networks? Like the Object Merge node?
  5. You can try the Pointdeform node. Edit: Sorry didn't noticed the post was already somewhat old. Hopefully is still helpfull tho.
  6. Alembic animation smoothing

    Glad you already figured it out. Will just add for future reference : ABC - Unpack - Timeblend - Timewarp (here you can change the in and output range)
  7. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Wish they just copied silo and put it in that polydraw node.
  8. Vray for Houdini

    Not sure what you mean about 5 aux nodes, but I do have duplicated nodes. Pointed it out in the forums and there working on it.
  9. Procedural Textures (curvature,ao)

    Hey Guys! This is more for future reference, because I did find what I was after. http://forums.odforce.net/topic/8471-eetus-lab/page-14 (magician Eetu!) I was looking for a way to quickly create weathered materials without to much hassle of hand painting stuff. So I thought I could set stuff up in houdini a little bit how substance designer / dDo works but without the prebaking. But I didn't find that a viable solution for me. The Ao combined with Curvature are pretty heavy on the render(especially if I use this approach for all assets and I'm afraid of the possibility of extra jitter). It just a nice thought you could copy an asset 1000s of times and they have all different weathering in there textures based on there surrounding elements etc. Now back with Mari but this time my workflow is a lot different. Thanks to playing around with dDo and Substance. I'm working a lot more procedurally now, knowing you can really get a lot done just combining a Curvaturemap, Aomap, noises and some Triplanar textures in a smart way. It's really easy to turn a couple of sliders and save as a different/extra texture. So I could randomly load the textures in Houdini with a little bit of colour offset per copy for variation. In the future I would like to experiment some more with baked pointclouds. But for now the Mari workflow is quick enough for me. Thanks! Hopefully someone finds this a bit helpful.
  10. Hi Guys, After painting a lot of edge scuffs/rust/drips in I was fed up with the tedious labor of doing everything by hand. Especially when the stuff you do is almost always the same 'trick'. Is it possible to recreate something like this in vops? http://www.artonbit.com/cinema4d-corner/cine-tools/item/45-surface-curvature-shader This is btw the closest I could get in my search: http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=13855&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=25 Thanks in advanced guys!
  11. Dynamics that follow animation

    Hi guys! Thanks for the quick replies. Dynamics spheres I've seen awhile ago. Need to see that one again as a freshup. Macha's post/example was exactly what I was after! Thanks for the link.
  12. Hi guys, This is my first post to Odforce, so hopefully I don't sound to dumb. I'm trying to figgure out how to get a dynamic object to follow the position from the animation. There is a very fast way in C4d to get this behavior, thats called follow position / follow rotation. And because they use Bullet also, it should be possible in Houdini. This is the only videoexample I could find, already old (still called followAnimation back then) It starts at 6:19 min : First I thought about a "multisolver", that tries to mix the outcome of the dynamics with the original animation. But now I think it's more of a directional/elastic "force" to the original position (the position of the object without dynamics applied). I hope it's a little bit clear what I mean. its hard to explain. But nevertheless its a very nice way to direct your dynamic objects, also because you can animate the force/strenght how much it will follow the animation. Can anybody guide me in the right direction ? Thanks in advanced! H