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  1. conecting points

    For the simple purpose of exercising and better learn Houdini I decided to give it a try, and I came up a with network of points each connecting to its n neighbours (with or without point already processed, controlled by numrange2 of nested foreach). Really not sure if this is a valid way to use the foreach SOPS though... I'm sure there is a cleaner way to obtain the same results, even avoiding using nested for each SOP. connecting_neighbours.hipnc
  2. ramp maximum value

    Oh Thanks for your help SYmek. Now I got it! So eval() method in hou.Parm class with a referenced ramp parameter doesn't give you a int, float, or str value but an instance of hou.Ramp from which I can easily obtain the maximum ramp value from the values() tuple! Thanks a lot!
  3. ramp maximum value

    Sorry, a novice question about ramps. I was trying to get the maximum value of a ramp (Spline Ramp) with an expression using Python. How do i cycle between ramp points?