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  1. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    mantra reading udim token in channels like in arnold.. and better grooming tools
  2. Autodesk kills off Softimage

    jes, nice video. but crazy workaround. for so long now only directions to paint, hope yeti, or sth like yetis approach finds its way to inside houdini...
  3. mantra surface material + udim tex

    hey petz! very nice, thanks a lot for sharing this! cheers, ulf
  4. mantra surface material + udim tex

    hey martin thx... jes, sounds so. i just thought, as its pretty common in usage these days, sth like that would be already available, somehow, somwhere. so long, i gonna set them up by hand
  5. mantra surface material + udim tex

    hey georg, thx, i am aware of that. i know how to set them up.. i just look if there is an easier way to feed a channel of a mantra surface with those, than going in to vop and setting up / offsetting them by hand. something that feeds uvtiles, like one loaded image, to a channel ..
  6. mantra surface material + udim tex

    thx luke. (doing python/otl is way over my non math brain ) maybe someone else will have a nice solution to share.
  7. hey! is there an easy way, maybe a expression or sth, that lets the mantra surface material read uv tile (udim) textures instead of just one image per channel? (instead of going to vop and set them up offsetted manually) thanks in advance! ulf
  8. Houdini 13 Wishlist

    somehow some faster/better poly modelling tools/workflow would be nice too.
  9. Houdini 13 Wishlist

    i hope its not, and i hope sidefx finds a way around, but man - what a discusting thread to read....
  10. append metaball capture

    hey. ok, thx michael. so i hope they'll merge the deform sops too!
  11. hey, as with capture mode metaball for muscles, the option to append weights, like with proximity, is greyed out. is there a way to append some muscles weights to an excisting bones weighted rig?
  12. i ve also had some trouble with sss and refractions in h12... (mainly single scattering behind refractions..)
  13. follow curve stretch bones

    hey michael thanks for your reply! got sth working with the measure sop and the like you said bonelength numberofBones/curvelength
  14. Houdini 13 Wishlist

    sopcreateedit as input to the edit sop! faster weight painting on higher res meshes hair guide styling mantra speed
  15. hey whats the "easiest" way to setup a follow curve ik to stretch the bones with the curve? thanks in advance, ulf