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  1. POP Curve Force oncurve attibute

    Hi, been a few a month since I had a chance to work with Houdini, so please bear with me So i was trying to fetch the oncurve attribute from the POP Curve Force and it does not seem to give me a smooth gradient from inside to outside of the influence radius. Thing is I used it before and I am quite sure it used to work that way. I attached a very simple scene, maybe I missing something? The particle color should fade smoothly from white to black (inside to outside) right? But somehow it is blotchy. Kinda clueless test_curveForce.hip
  2. Exclude collider from meshing

    Ah ok. I gotta check that one too. thx! New to Houdini, but totally impressed with this software.
  3. Exclude collider from meshing

    Ah yeah i tried that but did not work. I will go with the include list for now. Thx!
  4. Exclude collider from meshing

    Thx, i can put just my flipobject1 in the list and it works. excluding the staticobject1 with a " ^ " does not work somehow
  5. Exclude collider from meshing

    I do a DOP-import into a geometry-SOP and plug that into a ROP driver and cache it from there. i guess it is the DOP-import settings. I will try that shelf tool in a bit. thx!
  6. Exclude collider from meshing

    Hi, after being happy with my flip sim i wanna mesh but turns out it takes all the points of the collision objects with it. Is there a way to filter these out? The bgeo cache comes with primitive attributes, i guess there is a way to use these to delete the corresponding points. But I cannot figure it out cheers!
  7. confine force to volume/popcurveforce

    Ok so i was getting into volumerasterizecurve utilizing pscale, before i realized there is a "oncurve" that flows with the popcurveforce, that seems to be exactly what i was looking for. Just struggling with vex in the wrangle now
  8. Hi, I am very new to houdini so please bear with me. My idea is to eventually apply this setup to a FLIP sim, but for sake of simplicity and speed I am playing with this POP setup. So far this seems to work overall, but I wanna confine the turbulence within the Volume of the popcurveforce. And if possible fade it out or blend to another turbulence when outside the volume. I have played with the popstream which might be a way to accomplish this. Another idea i had was to figure out the popcurveforce (which technically is an asset i believe) and see if i can add turbulence. Controlling the gravity this way would probably be usefull too. If anyone could point me into the right/best direction here that would be very much appreciated! popTest.0001.hipnc