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  1. Houdini Fx TD (Moscow)

    I`ve sent you message. Check your mail
  2. SSS Weird Results/Colours

    Very nice result! Only single SSS or multi? What settings and light setup?
  3. SSS Weird Results/Colours

    So, if you closed them , may be these areas are too thin for your scatter radius (attenuation density)? Also try to make render without subdivision of surface.
  4. SSS Weird Results/Colours

    Hello phrenzy84! I have similiar issues with SSS when the model not closed on the bottom. You need to use polycap node with triangulate option switched on. So, here results of such operation: Render before: After applying node: About dark and green areas - try to play with lights, attenuation density and scattering phase. On the model above I have density at 20 and phase at 0.1, environment light and two area lights.
  5. SSS - Shader in H11

    Hi guys I've tried Lee's scan with pbr. Here my results
  6. SSS - Shader in H11

    Have you guys try to make layered SSS? I face difficulties with export of parameters (Ce) for different SSS layers. So, question is how to make multi-layered SSS?
  7. african male

    Am I saw this man before? ... Cool skin setup ulf!
  8. SSS - Shader in H11

    thx for example. I've trying SSS and environment light last days. With pbr and multi scattering it takes huge time to calculate cloud and render.
  9. SSS - Shader in H11

    Can you show any example?
  10. has not set their status

  11. SSS - Shader in H11

    Hello! Here is my example. No diffuse, only multiscattering (quality-5), very high attenuation and forward scattering. Rendered with micropoly. P.S. I've used model found in example files on odforce
  12. SSS subsurface map question

    Hi Guys, I'm new to Houdini at all. Now working with SSS shaders which come in Houdini (v.10.0.583) and face some problem. When use subsurface map in "skinSSS" and "Wax" shaders, map is not visible even with intensity up to 2. "Skin" shader works ok. Is it should to be so?