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  1. that was a very quick reply.. Ok i will submit a bug there. i also posted on there forum but didnt find any good answer to it.
  2. Hi all, I am very new to houdini. I downloaded and installed the latest build of houdini apprentice(295 build). But when i launch the application and start the help from the menu it hangs and when i try to quit the application it stop responding and i have to end the process from task manager. Later i had my env variable set to HOUDINI_DISABLE_CONSOLE = 1 then i was able to start and quit the application without any problem. But when i open a scene and work on it and later open another scene file it hangs, also after the env variable is set the help opens up but nothing is shown in it and also the start here link in help does not open anything. Please help me to get Houdini work properly with the help file. Thanx in advance. Note: I am using Windows XP, Nod32 antivirus, Houdini 10.0.295 build, core 2 2.13 ghz, 1gb ram. nvidia 8600 GTS latest drivers.
  3. Introducing La Main des Ma

    beautiful... very nice work..