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  1. Houdini 15 Wishlist

    I'm not sure that understood your point. Obviously, it needs to create new microsolvers which will work specially on sparse volumes
  2. Houdini 15 Wishlist

    Well, of course it's possible to use vdb fields as sources now, but that's not what I meant. It still converts vdb to native volumes and makes all operations on it. I meant vdb support for all common microsolvers like advection and projecting.
  3. Houdini 15 Wishlist

    Support vdb in smoke solver, pleeeeease
  4. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    I tried to recreate partly at first, but it didn't work for me. So I switched to recreating for all rebar constraints. Nice work, guys! That's really cool to see such tests
  5. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    There is always a reason why objects jitter with Pin constraints. Glue constraints really much more stable in this case. I used Glue constraints to combine some fractured pieces to avoid a Voronoi look.
  6. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    Thanks man. Actually, I didn't test it with another scale. I'm trying to change this setup for Milan Suk's version of Bullet now.. It works with one fracture level, I guess that's enough for main sim. There shouldn't be any problems with textures. This setup is already prefractured, the main difference that if you need more details you don't need to prefracture everything more, but just change simulation fracturing parameters...
  7. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    Your setup is fine, you just need to break constraints by some conditions. As Saber said, you can use any of these attributes. When I say "stress level" I don't mean some specific attribute, that's more like general concept. If you need to find objects which attached to some constraint you can use findattribval() function in vex. Each constraint has a name attribute(on points) for both objects with corresponding value.
  8. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    I used Pin constraint because it gives me possibility to use stress level. Glue constraints are much simpler, I guess it combines all linked objects into one "cluster", so in this way it much easier to solve for Bullet. That's why glue is so fast. But with glue constraints, I can operate only with impact points. But that doesn't work for real life fracturing. I have 2 constraints systems. One of them combines all objects(including rebar), another one includes only rebar. That allows me to make skeleton unbreakable. Yes, skeleton depends on the count of pieces inside it. Increasing of segments will give more smooth bending.
  9. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    You're welcome! Actually, I was inspired by this video but hadn't an idea how to make it for a long time... That's why I called this video "realistic" in real life is not necessary that the destruction taking place in impact places. It is defined by stress level of the system. I used pin constraints to compute it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtZ3-zTk4jU#t=52 Yeah, broken constraint is one of the factors to break a piece.
  10. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    Seems like your link doesn't work for me.. If we talk about name attribute, here is just one requirement: it should be different for all objects. That's pretty easy to do. I'm breaking, recreating (for rebar) and create new constraints (for fractured pieces).
  11. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    Maybe you could share hip file with this problem? Because I have no idea what you are talking about Sure. It's possible to make bending by "refreshing" your constraints. You can find out how do it in this topic.. http://forums.odforce.net/topic/20640-bullet-dynamic-constraint-creation
  12. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    Hi John, Actually, I'm not sure that understood what you meant. This information updates automatically by Houdini. So I just modify my objects. How it updates doesn't concern me
  13. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    Fully agree with Christos. Actually, my setup is pretty similar to what he described. Thanks! No, I simulated everything together.
  14. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    Thanks! Yes, that's all bullet. I tried to make it with wires at first, but wire solver doesn't support interaction with pack primitives. I detect pieces with highest stress level and fracture them manually. After this I glue closest pieces together.
  15. Hi guys, Wanna share with you my recent rbd tests. In my opinion, such workflow is pretty similar to FEM (DMM) based solutions, but gives a couple of advantages. For instance, we can add details only where we need it. I hope you understand, that I can't share hip file, but I'll try to answer to any questions. cheers