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  1. Challenge 1: House Of Cards

    Congratulations to both of you! Really nice models..
  2. actually, can you also post the texture files...??
  3. F/A 18C Hornet

    This looks great and the details are very nice.. I will follow along soon.. Thanks STU for putting this up..
  4. Thats looking like the original.. can't wait to see the final product as well... Do you mean that you created texture in Houdini ? How do we do that?
  5. maybe the UV map is not accurate.. looks weird at the edges.. looking good so far.
  6. Looks really nice and you did it fast. The cards looks bit straight. How about putting a little bend on to it so it looks more natural. I love the sea.. good work mate!
  7. Hey Bealobo, Thanks for looking over my files. As I mentioned earlier, I am a newbie to Houdini and most of the things I have done is also beyond my understanding at this point. But I will try to answer your queries. I have card.1.jpg, card.2.jpg texture images for simplicity. It should also work with other paddings like you said ( I am not sure how though, perhaps $F4????) I honestly don't know this answer. I had a test file sent to me by a user for random texturing and I just copy pasted it. This is my logic - There are 39 images in my case. Somehow I have an impression that rand function generates numbers from 0 to 1. So, I multiplied it by 39 because I wanted to get from (0 to 38) I thought it won't generate 0 and 1 (maybe wrong) and 1 is there so if its 0 then its adds 1 to get an Ace ('A'). Well, I am not perfect here but it seems to work in my case... Hope you can get an answer from other pros here.. Thanks, maharzan
  8. Hey Thanks Swann. Will look at it.
  9. Here is the hip file.. there are no textures so might be a problem in that area.. card_bridge_maharzan.hipnc
  10. I didn't quite get that.. flipbook?? I will post the hip when I get back to my computer. I am complete newbie too and all I did was actually ask questions and people were very helpful to get me the answers. The network might have redundant nodes in there. need to do more of houdini before I get used to it.
  11. Thanks Guys. I am not sure if I am going to animate it. Somehow its too slow, it might be my computer or there are too many polys in there (somehow duplicated). The subscriber list is here http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com...&Itemid=212
  12. Challenge 1: House Of Cards

    So, how do we submit the files? Where?
  13. Thanks to the subscriber list once again. Special Thanks to Pingo who helped me figure out the random texture setting. Still not perfect but I think I will halt here for now. Final render...
  14. rotate and twist the card a bit maybe.. Good Luck!
  15. Ati X1950 And Houdini

    Yup, I did revert to an older version which fixed the UI problem. I was wondering if there were other methods to speed things up with houdini..