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  1. Viscous Teapots

    Good stuff guys! Lots of really great info. BTW - Goldleaf: I'm stoked for you to get here
  2. Flip Fluid Waterfall tutorial

    cool, that makes sense
  3. Flip Fluid Waterfall tutorial

    Really great tutorial! Thanks SESI for posting. Might be a dumb question but... I was wonder why all of the foam/spray stuff was done in dops with a pop solver instead of just done in a popnet? ~Zach
  4. Digital pyrotechnics

    Wow dude. Looks amazing. Thats a lot of work!
  5. Houdini 12 - First Time

    Thanks old school! That really helps, there is some really great info there. Can't wait to try some stuff out. I'll post my results. Zach
  6. Houdini 12 - First Time

    Love H12!!! Everything seems to be much faster. The new pyro is awesome. Really clean and simple, and easy to use. I did notice however, that when I ran a pyro sim with the opencl enabled, the sim ran at the same speed as it did when opencl was disabled. I have a gtx 470. Anybody else experiencing this too? Zach
  7. Dream Giver - award winning student short

    We couldn't have made this film without Houdini, or without Odforce.
  8. VOP force in dops

    Very cool stuff. This could come in handy for sure!
  9. FLIP Pyro Solver

    Pretty dang awesome! Can't wait to read it.
  10. Python Source Editor command

    Awesome. I'll check it out. Thanks Kursad.
  11. Python Source Editor command

    Bummer! Thanks for the swift reply.
  12. Python Source Editor command

    Hey Everyone, I am experimenting with a tool that will let a user select a group of nodes (same type for now), and it will launch the Python Source Editor and set up some basic variables so the user can quickly write a script for any of the parameters on those selected nodes. But I don't know how to launch the Python Source Editor window from a python command. I know there are commands to create new panes and floating panes, but is there a command in python to launch the Python Source Editor window? Or maybe a command to launch the expression editor? Thanks, Zach
  13. maya to mantra

    Wow this is really great stuff. Nice work so far!
  14. Path Follow Detail

    Looks Amazing!
  15. Return selected sop in Python

    Thanks a lot Kuba. This looks great! I'll give it a shot and let you know how it goes. Zach