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  1. bubbles

    Hello Macha. Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to give me an example or be a bit more specific with what goes where? I also saw your post about irridecence. It seems quite good.
  2. bubbles

    Hello guys. A quick question. How would you go about shading bubbles?
  3. Noise "Sticking" to Animated Geometry

    sweet! thanks anim(?)!
  4. Hello and Happy New Year, I am having an animated geometry in which I want to apply some noise (for example worley). The problem though, is that as the geometry moves in space the shapes created are changing because the geometry is moving along the noise pattern. Is there any way to apply the noise and then somehow lock it? Thanks
  5. Reflective hair

    Thanks Macha. Yes it is still flickering... Any other ideas?
  6. Reflective hair

    Hello, Back to the subject of the tinsel, I have another question. When I render the file that Jeff sent, for multiple frames, with a slightly moving camera, I get a crazy flickering in the specular highlights. Is this the way it's suppose to be, or is there any way I can get rid of the flickering? Thanks!
  7. Copy Stamping question

    Hello Matt_K, Thanks for the reply. Sorry that i forgot to attach the file. I will attach it later on in the day. Using your expression i still have the same problem. For example in frame 40, I have 5 spheres "enabled" because their random seed exceeded $F, and they start growing, but they have the same size. So a couple of frames later that another one is enabled, its going to be the same size as the others which they keep growing. The question is how can each one grown in random frames and to start from (lets say) 0.1 and end to 2.0 all the way. Hope this is more clear. Thanks
  8. Reflective hair

    Thanks a lot old school! Its very helpful!
  9. Hello, The solution to my problem might be easy but I can't get my head finding a solution at the moment. So lets say we have some points and we want to copy some spheres on them. And let's say we want to start scaling the spheres randomly based on a point attribute (let's say random_seed) that assigns to each point a number which is a frame between $RFSTART and $RFEND. I then want to start scaling the sphere once $F >= $RANDOM_SEED and have the size to be between 0.05 and 2.0 for example. I attached a simple file where I start scaling the spheres when $F >= $RANDOM_SEED but because of the wrong expression I am using, each sphere starts growing from a certain scale and on, and not from 0.05. If you could take a look guys I would be very thankful. Cheers.
  10. Reflective hair

    Hello guys! I would appreciate if you could help me on that: i want to render hair to be very reflective, for example like a christmas tinsel. Is there any way to make it look more shinny and reflective with the existing shader? Any other ideas? Cheers guys.
  11. Thanos Topouzis Showreel 2009

    Hello, After finishing my MSc in Computer Animation and Visual Effects NCCA, i worked on my showreel and now it is ready!I ll be looking for an Fx job from October. The link for my showreel is: http://www.vimeo.com/6522662 I attached my CV as well. Thanks to the odforce community. Thanos_Topouzis_CV.pdf
  12. Viscosity and elasticity in POPs?

    Is there any other way to "fake" viscosity in POPs?
  13. Viscosity and elasticity in POPs?

    Hello, I was wondering if you can add viscosity and/or elasticity to POPs. Is there anyway to get this forces applied to particles without going to DOPs? Thanks a lot in advance.
  14. Particle based fluids, gas constant

    thanks!!! it works great.
  15. Particle based fluids, gas constant

    Hello, I am wondering if its possible, when you have a particle based fluid to keyframe the value of the gas constant. What i want to do is to have a gas constant value of value 0 for example in the 1st frame and then in a later frame to have it 250. But it doesn;t work. If you also have other suggestions on how to have a particle based fluid in rest and then to make it have the internal forces enabled in a later frame, it would be really helpfull. Thanks.