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  1. random leaves on a growing plant

    woo,cool,would did you share your hipfile or a tutorial,i am really interested.
  2. render deep exr

    can you share your method?
  3. render deep exr

    thanks first! yet,I know the DCM Z-Bias in helpfile,but i do not know how to set up . how did you do it reducing the size of those deep files in your method?
  4. render deep exr

    Hi,everyone I am very distressed for rendering the Deep Output file,that is very big , Now,how to compress it ? I am used to do rendering for exr or rat.
  5. I just plug a single SSS vop in my shader,and set a pc file rendered from my sop network. but I can only get black result when I try to render a simple scene. The strange thing is when I change the single sss vop to multi SSS in the same network with similar settings, it works properly. I am quite new to houdini, so if its a stupid question, don't laugh at me.
  6. HOT for H10

    My platform is win32. I can only get the SOP_Cleave work correctly, the other two don't work. It says something is wrong with the libfftw3f-3.dll file. I guess my fttw version is wrong, can anyone share your libfftw3f-3.dll file please, thanks very much. The SOP_Cleave.dll can work without libfftw3f-3.dll, isn't it?